Has a “suspended sentence” taken another life?

The front page of Wednesday’s Vicksburg Post has details of another Vicksburg murder. Solomon “Dewey” Smith is suspected of shooting to death Harold R. Scott in Scott’s own home. Scott was described as a “generous, helpful handyman.” Smith, however, has “…a total of six felony convictions dating to 1985…”


Is this another case where a felon who should have been in prison was instead released via a “suspended sentence?” We do not know. Based on past history, however, it is a distinct possibility. If this is actually the case, every citizen of Vicksburg should be infuriated, and the DA, his deputies, and the judge who suspended the prison sentence should answer for the death.

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  1. If this is the case then it is a travesty!!!!

  2. Wow, how we can leap to conclusions!!! First, what were the felonies for? Next, what would have been a normal sentence for the felony? Then, was the sentence served within that range? Then, had Smith served them? Before we leap into conjectures, do more than read the daily hearsay post…. get more facts. If the facts warrant a rant, then feel free… if not, maybe the egg will remain in the shell instead of on someone’s face.

  3. Perhaps so. But this citizenry has been burned enough that it can hardly be blamed if it “leap(s) to conclusions.”

  4. Solomon Harris has been convicted of 6 felonies since 1985. He never received a suspended sentence. He served time for each offense varying from 1 year to 10 years, none was a violent crime. Only non-violent first offenders are eligible for a suspended sentence. To suggest without the facts that “it is a distinct possibility” he received a suspended sentence is irresponsible as well as false and serves no purpose.

  5. Six felonies and the guy is walking the streets? How many does it take to put him away for good? It was a “distinct probabilty” that the guy would commit another felony, violent or not. As far as our concern about suspended sentences, an answer to this question might prove revealing: Of the murders committed in Warren County over the past ten years, what percentage of the murderers had received suspended sentences in the past?

  6. What about 3 strikes your OUT!! We in this community deserve better than this, Mr Martin What about our rights. Seems the criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. I think people are just fed up and that is why Ricky Smith won. The guy is a career criminal non violent or not. .

  7. The man was convicted of non-violent felonies. Unfortunately, the law is the law. Yes, he was a repeat offender and I am sure everyone thought he would be back in for another non-violent felony again not a violent felony. The law sentences people for what they did, not what they MIGHT DO!!! It is easy to blame the DA or the judge. They are not to blame. They have to go by the sentencing guidelines. Maybe the GUIDELINES need to be re-assessed. We also have to look at the fact that our jails and prisons are too comfortable that prisoners do not mind going back to jail. Jail and prison needs to be a miserable place where the thought of jail is terrifying. To hell with the human rights activists! I say if you commit a felony, especially a violent felony, you give up all your rights of humanity.

  8. Your are right boredstiff.. I hope to see a huge change in the next year with the new DA.. Change has to happen. In reading of the purse snatching and other criminal activity going on, it is just not safe at this time. I think crime is on the rise and we need to be careful.
    Maybe Martin Pace should head up the city and the county law enforcement.
    We as citizens and tax payers have a voice and everyone should speak up. Think anyone will listen

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