Adopt a dog or cat from the city pound!

Debbie Lowery has updated the city pound website with photos of abandoned animals which are available for adoption. These helpless and innocent creatures face a very unpleasant future if they are not adopted. Take a look at the website, and consider adopting one today. If you have friends or neighbors who might provide good homes to one or more, make them aware of the website, and encourage them to visit the city pound.

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  1. Please spread the word about these poor animals at the city pound. They only have five days at the pound before they are taken to Mississippi Animal Rescue League to be euthanized.

    The adoption fee is not high and you can save a life. These animals did not ask to be born. They were born because their mothers were not spayed. Until we get spay/neuter programs in high gear in Vicksburg, more and more of these unfortunate animals will continue to be born and have to be killed because there are not enough homes. Until then, please help us find homes for these little ones. They are at our mercy!

  2. Just to let you all know the Boxer and the little Pom guy will go to rescue on Monday or Tuesday. Now if anyone can help with those precious kittens..

  3. More photos of adoptable pets from the city pound:

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