Mayor Leyens just can’t stay out of trouble

Even though he has a history of similar blunders and should have learned from them, last week the mayor offended the librarians. This week he’s accused of assault. Next week… who knows?


With due respect to our Mayor Leyens for the progress Vicksburg has experienced under his leadership, one has to wonder if he shouldn’t observe the same advice given Hugo Chavez by the king of Spain, i.e., “shut up!”


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  1. What assault?? I missed it.

  2. Front page of Tuesday’s Post. Even has a mug shot of Leyens.

  3. Check the online edition of the Clairon Ledger it’s on the metro edtion and the Clarion has more specifics than what was reported in in the Post. At El Sombrero he got into a “tussle” with Trey Gordon of Gordon Roofing. Yet the Post was unclear and vague who started it; and his police cheif seem to cover for him. Moffat try to pass it off as no assault took place. I believe others think otherwise.

  4. Well, remember how offended the mayor got a few weeks ago about the crumbled building when it was mentioned on this forum, and how he “wanted his name removed” from Vicksburg Speaks, blah blah blah. He does seem to have quite a temper, and doesn’t seem to know how to control it. So, when I saw this on the front page of the paper, I really just had to shake my head, shrug, and go on about my day. He just needs to grow up some, I think, but that’s just my opinion.

  5. In fairness to Mayor Leyens, Trey Gordon is a hothead. I have had dealings with him in the past and he can get pretty rough with his mouth. I don’t know about his fist. My dealings were on the telephone and he is more than a little rude. There are probably two sides to this story.

  6. Smitty that may be the case but I think we all have choices to make.That type of behavior is unacceptable, no matter who it is . I would certainly think the Mayor should have known better and walked away. Because someone is a hothead it is no excuse..
    I can not believe this would happen in a public place. . with a public Offical involved. ! it is a disgrace..Shame on both of them..
    You have to wonder what in the heck is going on for those two to come to blows. or chokes or wahtever it was. At least Leyens has a friend in Moffet. this will probably just go away..POOF!!!

  7. Just thinking,..It is absurd that things like this happen all too frequently in public places… but if the truth comes out that the mayor was not at fault,..the damage would already have been done to him by the post’s article. Nobody reads the retractions on page eight days or weeks later.

  8. Having read the post article it’s vaguness on who started what it’s that sort of irresponisble reporting that damages anyone in the public light. By the tussle made state news too by the way.

  9. I agree that both are to blame. I have heard from people who were there that the mayor made a comment about Gordon who overheard and reacted.

    I think it’s pretty clear: Gordon drinks too much and our mayor suffers from a Napoleon complex.

  10. Leyens real weakness is that he let his angry emotions get in the way. It clouds his judgement.

  11. A friend called me this week and said I should ride downtown to see the mayor supervising a city crew putting in the new sidewalks at the Valley. Apparently the mayor agreed to supervise some of the work at the Valley as a condition of the sale of his property. There were no less than 13 city trucks and who knows how many employees there to do the work with the mayor acting as their supervisor.

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