Purse snatching at Krogers

One of our readers reported a brazen purse snatching in the Krogers’ parking lot Saturday night. At around 7:00 PM a lady was snatched out of her car; her purse was forcefully taken. The snatcher then jumped into his car and drove away.

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  1. where was VPD when this crime happened? Where was Pemberton Security as well? I notice hardly any Pemberton security patrolling around the plaza.

  2. I felt very uneasy going into Krogers last night around 9:30pm. I feel like, especially during this season, that there should be security guards after dark watching the parking lots at these large stores. I mean “real” security guards, not just men in uniforms who stand around shooting the bull with people they know rather than watching the people as they go to their cars. I want someone there who knows what they are doing, like off duty sheriff’s deputies who can carry guns!

    Pemberton Mall parking lot is not well lighted in some places and neither is WalMart. Some of us have to shop after dark, especially since it is dark before 5pm now.
    I realize it is an added expense to stores to have to pay security guards, but what price do you put on human lives or their property?

  3. to start with pemberton mall and adjacent properties have been going down hill for a while. and the off duty officers were tried at the mall one time before. remember when the police officers were wearing the shirts that said police on them? but the problem with that is when they are off duty employed as private security they lose the right to carry there service gun on their persons and they are required to purchase a new gun for the specific use as security then they have to be licensed and bonded to carry those guns on private property that is used as public meeting places or stores.my opinion is this exercise your second amendment right as an american. in addition here in mississippi we have a self defense law if you are being robbed shoot the assailant. if YOU feel your saftey or life is in any danger you have the right to use deadly force. i am not saying that we should all walk around toting guns but it is better to have one and never need it than to need it and not have it.anything is better than nothing i know of one shop in town that sell stun guns and pepper spray as an alternative to fire arms that is browns gunsmith on sherman avenue we all need something to make us feel a little more in this world we live in whether it be guns knives or pepperspray. our law enforcement is stretched thin already with the ongoing drug problems in this town. do you really think they have time to do what they are paid to do ? that being to serve and protect

  4. I think one deterrent would be better lighting in the parking lots. When you walk out of stores with bundles or bags and are trying to unlock your car and get them in, it is pretty difficult to hold onto knives, pepperspray or a gun.

    This makes people easy targets, especially older people or women. Even if security guards can’t wear guns, at least that would be someone who could get there to help them if they saw a struggle taking place.

    I would think someone intent on robbing another person would pick a parking lot poorly lighted without a security guard nuch quicker than they would one which had plenty of lights and with a security guard watching customers get to their cars.

  5. Folks, let’s get real here. Our parking lots and shopping centers are never going to be more secure if we wait for the city to do something about it. Their idea of improved lighting is installing fancy gas lamps underneath the existing street lights downtown. The stores are not going to remedy the problem because the cost affects their bottom line. If you want crime statistics to decrease, you have to be a part of the solution. Use common sense. If you must go to the store after dark, take a friend or a neighbor. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t place yourself in situations that are unsafe. If you are approached by someone in a parking lot, make some noise – hit the panic button on your keychain and walk back into the store. There are lots of ways to avoid becoming a victim. Plan ahead and be prepared. We need to take better care of ourselves and each other.

  6. Yes, walk softly and carry a little bitty gun.

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