Does the Vicksburg Post have an agenda?

One of our readers made the following observation regarding the recent election:


“… I am pleased to see that the efforts of the Vicksburg Post to make Ricky look bad didn’t work. The Post used the only bad picture ever taken of Ricky repeatedly, placed his ads poorly and gave favorable comments on Gil. Also they avoided the obvious newsworthy stories not in favor of Gil’s office. The Post has lost its once credible status with the people of Vicksburg. If you doubt that look at the results of this race.”


In your opinion… Is this observation legitimate? Were other candidates treated unfairly by the Post? Do you think the vote for any one of the offices decided in the last election was unduly influenced by the Post? If so, which ones?


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  1. I find this interesting. If there is agenda in my opioin the local paper doesn’t want to report real news. Now I head the sports section has been bias beside the local news coverage. If there is an agenda the post has it doesn’t want to cover real news. Here’s a case example: the Post buried a major news story,the Minnapolis Bridge Diaster in the back of the paper instead of the front. Now that could give a perception agenda of not have the locals not raising questions of the dangers of the bridge park on the old bridge. Do the editor and reporters have an agenda of thier own. But does the publisher as well?

  2. It has been my experience that the reporters and employees of the paper are good, honest and hard working people. I like every one of them I have met. They work hard and long hours to find newsworthy print and present a high quality daily publication. Not an easy task. Somewhere along the way that hard work is manipulated for whatever reason.

    A few examples come to mind. First the Ricky Smith vs. Gil Martin race. The picture of Ricky was unflattering and ran next to a professional photo of Gil Martin. Ricky has asked the paper to use a different picture, like the one in his ad that was more true to life. The selection of stories or pictures is not random. They spend time and money to send a reporter and photographer out to get the shot. They will take many pictures of an event. For a political candidate they have many options and available photographs. You must ask yourself why they chose to print a picture of Ricky that made him look confused and uncomfortable next to a picture that made Gil look good.

    Next is ad placement. You have to pay extra to have your ad placed in a particular spot. For example if I have a sports bar I would want my ad in the sports section of the paper. It is possible that Mr. Martin paid extra to have his ad placed prominently in the front section, right page, right side – a premier location. The fact that Rickys’ ads disappeared somewhere else in the mass of print, in the least desirable locations is not lost on me.

    Another example is the awning issue with the mayor. The paper chose to run a large, front page article about how the mayor circumvented the system to his advantage. They took the mayors statement about the nature of the Architectural Review Board out of context and made it sound like he was arrogantly going to dissolve the board because they didn’t do what he wanted. The truth was very different. The mayor did meet with the review board. He made the statement about the boards voluntary nature, but in regards to a different question. It’s kind of like saying “I didn’t like that movie” but have it printed in the paper as “Afraid of Retaliation said ‘I…like that movie”. The way the paper twisted that story shows they wanted to make the mayor look bad. Additionally on the very same day the city was approved for the largest bond issue in it’s history – a monumental effort and achievement for the city. The story of the cities achievement was not even mentioned. They chose to run a questionably accurate story against the mayor over a story on one of the cities greatest accomplishments.

    Another example is the story, ran twice, about the man who had an unflattering sign in his yard regarding Carl Flanders. Why they would run that story and photo so close to election time makes you wonder. Why didn’t they run a negative story or photos about any of his opponents?

    Three candidates not in the favor of the paper recieved unflattering stories, photos or ad placement. You make the call.

    In my opinion our local paper does indeed sway stories to favor or harm those they deem worthy. When you read a story in our local paper understand that journalistic integrity to report the facts, and only the facts, is lost somewhere along the way.

    It is my sincere hope the paper takes a look at itself and returns to reporting the facts, not their spin on them.

  3. Here’s some interesting off the record issues I heard about the Post. For example editing letters from the readers and not even running those they get. Another fact I uncovered is conflict of interest. Case in point on the story on why this town’s gas prices are high. First Charlie Mitchell knows the Warings of Waring Oil. On the investigative article his reporters didn’t go deep enough. Like the fact that Waring told Kroger and Super Walmart they can’t put in gas pumps; or the fact the leased property it’s owned by the Warings. The off the record fact here is that WalMart and Kroger side of this was never made public and locals find out through word of mouth. Now here’s another part of the story: when gas barrels prices plummeted no follow up story didn’t come about.
    Now I call this not rocking the boat. Perception is the paper prints stories it wants locals to read. But here’s another fact the Post has dropped in circulation as well. With paper playing spin maybe a few of them need to be O’Reilly Factor’s no spin zone.

  4. The Post came out the Sunday before the election with front page story about the man with all the signs and his grievance against Carl Flanders. In that article Carl was the only candidate mentioned by name. They definitely made their preference known and I believe they cost Carl the election.

  5. Linda real good point. Here’s another who leaked to the paper about Canidate Gilmer’s IRS problem which she had under controled? Now was that a leak as well?

  6. This is totally not on topic, but a message to one of the posters, Loco Lizard, who lives near me. We unfortunately, only have a little time left and would love to see you to make us laugh. Time ran out too fast.

  7. Tricia, I’m here. Will be by soon.

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