Have you noticed any UFOs lately?

An international panel of two dozen former pilots and government officials called on the U.S. government on Monday to reopen its generation-old UFO investigation as a matter of safety and security given continuing reports about flying discs, glowing spheres and other strange sightings.


Mississippi is no stranger to sightings of the crafty crafts…


…Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger12/2/88 Lucedale: Unidentified flying objects – definitely not ‘American-made stuff,’ according to one witness – attempted to land in George County this week and were reported by about eight rural residents.


…Philip Lanning was driving south of Meridian, Mississippi, on the evening of July 10, 1967, when his car coasted to a stop and the radio faded. Lanning got out and started to look at the car engine, when an enormous object flew over his head about 3 hundred feet in the air. The object was silent and moving to the east. Lanning thought the object was about to crash. Just before the object reached a group of nearby trees, it tilted upward, turned right and then accelerated at great speed straight up into the low-flying clouds. The object was described as being ‘like a cymbal on a drum set and was a dirty metallic gray in color on the underside’. He saw no portholes or hatches and said that it appeared to be the size of a house.


…He was floated to a bare, brightly-lit room in the UFO’s interior. He could not see where the light came from. He still could not move, although he remained conscious. The entities placed him in a 45 degrees reclining position, still “floating” in air, and an instrument that resembled a “big eye” appeared from the UFO’s wall, floated in mid-air to 6 inches in front of Hickson’s face and scanned back and forth across his body with thoroughness, as if it were examining or photographing him. The beings turned his body from side to side several times, as if to make sure that the scanning eye can “photograph” his body entirely. The “eye” then disappeared again in the wall, where it could not be seen anymore… For more details of the October, 1973 “Pascagoula Abduction,” see…


… and for details of a large number of other UFO sightings in Mississippi, go to the National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For Mississippi…


Now the question… Have YOU noticed any UFOs lately?

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  1. Now I find the above stats interesting on the sightings. I wonder has anyone had a close encounter of the third kind recorded in this state since the ’73 encounter on the gulf coast with the two fisherman. Now over tweny years ago a new encounter was added: close encounters of the fourth kind. It’s related to abductions.

  2. All the time, but I’m pretty sure they are human made aircraft.

    My thinking on this is that if extra terrestrial beings wanted to contact us they would. Think about it, a species able to construct a vessel that can travel light years in time will have developed the ability to communicate. Doesn’t make sense to me that they would travel all this way, be seen, but lack the skill to make contact.

  3. I’ve heard some new theories abou the ufo craft. Like they can travel through diminisons. Which would make a lot of sense. As for me I’ve never seen a ufo up close. But Dave made a terrific point about contact. But on the history channel I’ll watch UFO Files becouse the ’60s casses are so interesting hear about. What has surprise me about around here with ufo sightings from the past, no report of close encounters of the 3rd kinds.

  4. Shirley McClaine will be on O’reilly tonight (Friday) at 7PM to describe her contact with a UFO.

  5. David, I am pretty sure that they came this way to make contact, but when they saw what was going on, they skedaddled!! Can’t say that I blame ’em!! They probably figure that there is a better stop on up in the next galaxy!

  6. AND, the gas is probably cheaper somewhere else, too!

  7. Years ago in the late seventies my husband and I went to the drive in off Clay St. with another couple. I saw a group of lights, about 8, in a v formation moving slowly across the sky. We all got out of the car and watched at this point. The formation came to a stop regrouped into another v formation headed in another direction and went very fast out of sight. It was very strange.

  8. when i was about 9 i lived in Letourneau on 61 South, one early evening we saw just hovering over us high in the sky something flashing lights over and over red, yellow, green and it just hovered making no noise for about 30 minutes. everyone in the neighborhood came out to see it and one guy brought out a telescope to get a better look at it and it was flat and round with these blinking lights. My dad DEFINITELY doesn’t believe in these things, but he actually called the airport near us to see if there were any weatherballoons out and they said that there were no planes or weather balloons out that they new of. It turned out to be a real mystery. we weren’t scared or anything just mystified.

  9. I’ve seen several but never up close and personal. I watch the stars alot so I probably see them due to the amount of time I’ve spent star gazing/sky watching. I have a telescope now so the next time I spot one I’m getting a pic. I really got a kick one night when I was watching one hover and it made a drop down hundreds of feet to avoid be spotted by a airplane flying in it’s direction. I use the electricity lines that run in front of my place as a reference point for if they hover in that direction. I’m amazed by the speed of whatever these “UFO’s” are. Literally gone in a blink of the eye. I live in Vicksburg right now but I have seen one close to Hazlehurst several years ago. It made repeated visits to the same area. The same thing goes on here. The visits are usually repeated atleast two nights in a row but it’s not unusual to see them more than two consecutive nights.

  10. By all means, get some photos! If you get some good ones, we’ll post them here. Thanks, Malcolm

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