A new District Attorney… why was Smith elected?

Ricky Smith’s stunningly lopsided (2 to 1) victory over Gil Martin in the race for District Attorney surprised everyone. What, in your opinion, caused the voters to elect Mr. Smith by such a wide margin?


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  1. I had feeling that Ricky Smith would win and I said many prayers to help him along snd I certainly voted for him!! I also think that people are tired of having repeat offenders on the street. I am all for helping those who have found themselves in a bad situation for the first time and can be turned around. But for those who habitually commit crime, they need to be locked up and sent away. Sorry but that is the way I feel!! I have no sympathy for those who do not abide by the law, sell drugs , rape, murder and steal.
    I witnessed the aftermath of a shooting a few weeks ago. I hope to never again. Two young men were shot , I do not know if they are alive today or not. Senseless.I do not know if the shooter was caught or not. Lets hope so, or he will most likely do it again..
    And lets hope if caught his trial will be after Jan witht he new DA!!!

  2. I beleive becouse Gil Martin got laxed as DA. Nor did he prosecute all the criminal cases like they should have. And the constutients wanted someone new in the office since DA Martin didn’t perferm his duties.

  3. I thought Ricky had a good shot at the office, but I was shocked with the margin of victory. He won every precinct in all three counties. I don’t know that I have ever seen that in a race with two valid candidates. It appears to me that many people voted against Gil Martin as opposed to for Ricky Smith. Plus Ricky is a good guy and has been around long enough for people to know him.

    Without question the DA’s office had become complacent and didn’t take this race, the voters or Ricky seriously. This complicated with the large amount of attention given to the DA’s office. Negative attention on excessive plea bargains, questionable alliances, the appearance of impropriety and the massive number of repeat offenders on the street. People are afraid and they blamed the DA’s office. I just wish our local paper had been the source of that information.

    The challenge lying ahead for Ricky is enormous. He must construct a new team and face a Grand Jury within 30 days of taking office. He will need the support of newly elected Representative Monsour and Senator Hopson to have a new prison constructed. This will eliminate the need for plea bargains and put the repeaters in jail – off the street. Until the new prison is completed there simply is not enough room to house all the offenders.

    But, it is a new day here in the Old South. Crime will go down.

    As a side note to this I am pleased to see that the efforts of the Vicksburg Post to make Ricky look bad didn’t work. The Post used the only bad picture ever taken of Ricky repeatedly, placed his ads poorly and gave favorable comments on Gil. Also they avoided the obvious newsworthy stories not in favor of Gil’s office. The Post has lost it’s once credible status with the people of Vicksburg. If you doubt that look at the results of this race.

  4. I wish Ricky the best of luck with his new position as DA.

    Now to the building of a New Jail. Every time I drive to Jackson I pass a building sitting vacant which has been for sale for the last 20 years. A really nice looking building on the outside. Of course nothing is finished on the inside and that makes this idea work even better

    Why not take this plot of land and create the Vicksburg//Warren Jail facility. You can take the exitsting building and create your main building for processing prisoners, a cafeteria, and vocational training area. In addition, build several satalite buildings around the main building for housing. You maintain the present jail, for holding prisoners for their upcoming court date and offices for the Sheriff’s Dept.

    With this facility being so close to Hinds and Madison, City like Clinton and Raymond can start paying Warrne County for prisoner housing instead of Warren County paying others counties for the same service.

    This should be a joint venture between the County and City.

  5. Richard that makes perfect sense.

  6. Richard, I had that building eyemarked for the new Vicksburg/Warren County Humane society. But your idea is good too. Either way we kill two birds with one stone.

  7. David, please don’t kill even ONE bird with one stone.

  8. Trish, sorry.

    Good thing I didn’t use the nuclear device vs kittens allegory.

    : )

  9. What building ar you speaking of?

  10. Anne, the Ceres Plantation Building built in the 90’s to attract industry. The building was never sold and has sat vacant all this time.

  11. I wonder how the supervisors would react to the suggestion?

  12. Honestly I think there would be no reaction. I do not think the animals are a priority here. That facility is very large and would cost a lot to maintain it monthly for utilities etc. Don’t you think it would take more employees to work there and what honestly scares me is the number of animals that would be housed there. Lots to think about and discuss.. I am certinly willing to put my two cents in.

  13. Actually, I don’t think that building would work for the Humane Society. It is too far from town. Many people gripe because the building we have now on Hwy 61 South is too far for them to go to drop off animals or to adopt them. What I don’t understand is why the Humane Society doesn’t buy the old Animal Medical Clinic on Paxton Road, but that is another subject.

    Getting back to our topic, I think the attorneys backing him had a lot to do with his election, as well as many of the law enforcement officers. I just hope he doesn’t clear out the entire staff at the present DA’s office. Pam Rushing is an excellent, very dedicated employee who has been there for many, many years and I would hate to see her lose her job. Hopefully, Mr. Smith will take that into consideration.

  14. find out who funded that building who had it built who owns it it may surprise you

  15. The Ceres plantation needs to be preserved. It is a historical treasure. Dont use it for anything. It and the surrounding property should be protected. In a day when the antebellum south has almost been forgotten or is under attack,we should be making every effort to preserve whatever is left of it. It is our soul.

  16. I agree wholeheartedly, Chris. The older plantation home and surrounding grounds need preservation. The building referred to above, however, is the “spec” building the supervisors had constructed in the nineties. It was apparently ill-advised, as it has never been rented (to my knowledge).

    And you’re right about the south and its history being under siege. This country is a far different place from what it was when I was growing up; I am very concerned for its future.

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