A “new” board of supervisors… what do you expect from them?

The makeup of Warren County’s Board of Supervisors for the next four years has been determined. Whether you’re satisfied with those who were elected or reelected is immaterial; you’re stuck with these five guys for the next 48 months.


What do you expect from them? What advice would you give them? What do you consider the most important issues to face the county during their tenure?


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  1. I like your choice of words. We are “stuck” with these five guys.

    I would like to see Henry Lake Road paved since it is the last road in Warren County leading to I-20 and it is also the road which connects Freetown Road to the Industrial Park just off I-20. There are a lot of people which use that little road. The County has been working on it for the past several months widening it and grading it, but I don’t see any signs that it is going to be paved. I understand that it has been approved for paving for several years, but it hasn’t been done.

    I would also hope that the Warren County Supervisors and the Mayor and Alderman can come to an agreement to both support the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society and build a much bigger and better facility, hire appropriate staff and give the animals a much better quality of life than they have now.

    These are just two things off the top of my head.

  2. I am in hopes that the County and City will work together. We will see!!!

  3. I want to see the county move forward in the following areas:

    1.) Work with the city.
    2.) Combine services with the Animal Shelter and help Warren County become a no kill county.
    3.) Build a new jail.
    4.) Institute a performance based evaluation system for county employees.
    5.) Enforce code in the county.
    6.) Implement land use regulations in the county.

    Also I want the perception that they don’t respond to phone calls and Emails to stop. Those gentlemen need to call back or Email back within two working days.

  4. I am very discouraged by the election results. I fear that the people of Warren County are getting exactly what they deserve.

    Even though I suspect that I will never see any real return on my county taxes, I am very glad that I live in the city.

    In short, I expect very little.

  5. The logjam that existed under the outgoing board has been broken up. Whether one likes it or not, progress will begin again and it will be on a business like basis, with most of the supervisors recognizing their limitations along with the duties and responsibilities. It is amazing that because the board had refused to knuckle under to less than fair terms in an agreement, that they are considered obstructionists. Further, the county already provides substantial financial support for the Warren County Humane Society. The “I want, I want” mantra, must be countered with the “necessity” requirements and the funds must be found to provide the services and roads wanted. Just as we individuals have budgets, so does the county. All citizens are invited to participate in budget proceedings each year. Maybe they should do so.

  6. Petesy, are you saying Carl Flanders created a logjam?
    I don’t see how one person could do that when there are four other people on the Board. Please explain your statement.

    The County does already pay the Humane Society to keep the public off their back, so to speak. Rather than them having to deal with animal issues, the Humane Society handles the complaints and enforces the ordinance so the supervisors don’t have to do it.

    I see nothing other than progress with the city and county working together, combining efforts and money to build an even bigger and better shelter run by more qualified people. By involving the public with giving educational spay/neuter programs to stop the over population of dogs and cats, as well as teaching school children at an early age not to be cruel to animals, we possibly can stop some of them from becoming abusers of children later on. I, and many others, definitely view this as a nessessity.

  7. As long as there are multiple people running for an office, you will never beat and incumbent. Heads up with just one opponent and you might see a change but guess we’ll have to wait four years.

    Wonder how many were asked to run just to split the vote. With five running in district 5 Richard George will be there till he retires or dies which ever comes first.

    Welcome to Warren County Politics

  8. Richard, you are exactly right. I have said this over and over. They will split the vote every time and the incumbent has nothing to worry about because “their people” are still going to vote for them and the rest of the votes will be split beween 2 to 5 other candidates. If you want an incumbent out of office, then pick one person to run against him/her, then you have a good chance of getting that person out.

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