Vicksburg’s best internet service provider…

Locally, Vicksburg Video and Bellsouth are probably the predominant suppliers of computer high-speed internet/email service. Vicksburg Video is (or was) offering a package deal – your local telephone service (same number), cable high-speed internet service, and basic cable TV for about $100 a month. Bellsouth offers DSL high-speed internet service and local phone service for about $75 a month. Both Bellsouth and Vicksburg Video offer several tiers of internet service, with an increase in cost for each increase in transmission speed. There are other ISPs as well, though most have a hard time competing with the aforementioned two. The questions are… Which service is most reliable? Which provides the fastest access to the internet? Which has the best customer service? Is the email service fast and reliable? Are there any special difficulties associated with any particular service? What about ease of installation and operation?

Your experience with Bellsouth, Vicksburg Video, or other ISPs will probably be of great interest to others who reside here in Vicksburg. Please share your thoughts and recommendations.

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  1. We have used Vicksburg Video since we moved here so I can’t compare to Bell South, but I can brag on Vicksburg Video. The internet service has been excellent. Minimal down time, high quality and consistent links to the internet. The times we have had trouble the service response has been outstanding and they fixed it on the first attempt.

    Having lived in other cities and dealt with the large national providers I will take this service over any other.

    I do wish they would upgrade the quality of their video transmissions to the house. Those high definition TV’s are not maximized with their current analog feed. They have a digital tier available, but the cost versus available channels doesn’t make sense for us. Hopefully they will include more channels on the digital tier.

    I miss the Comedy Channel, don’t see why we don’t have it here. Especially The Daily Show, best thing on TV.

  2. Bellsouth which is now AT&T has best the internet service. WIth DSL the net comes in faster than traditional modem. I can’t say about Vicksburg Video. But Vicksburg Video can’t compare with direct tv.

  3. Well, we live out in the country so we can’t get anything but dial-up, gag!! And of course, it is slow!! I’ve had them all, Bellsouth, Canufly, AOL, all of them are sloooow!!

  4. I have had a good bit of trouble with Bellsouth’s email service. It acts like it’s “out-of-service” sometimes, and gives me repeated messages to that effect. I have the “Fast Access DSL Xtreme” DSL service that is supposed to download at speeds of 3Mbps – and it usually does. But their “2-wire” router that feeds a wireless DSL signal to my wife’s computer acts up all the time. I plan on trying cable internet service, perhaps including the basic cable/telephone deal, but changing email addresses is a pain in the rear. So I’m also switching email to Google’s Gmail system, which can be done while I’m still on Bellsouth; once that’s done, maybe I can make the switch to cable rather effortlessly. From what I’ve read above, cable sounds like a faster system than DSL. One thing I will say for Bellsouth – their customer service is excellent.

  5. When I lived in town I had Canufly internet, Bell South telephone, Cingular Wireless and Cable TV. I lived at the bottom of a hill on Halls Ferry and I could only get dial up for the internet and I hated it. The Cable TV went out almost everytime we had a storm or the wind blew hard. The only thing I could depend on was Bell South, which worked all through Katrina when nothing else worked! Even my Cingular Wireless would quit working the minute I turned on Lightcap Blvd.

    When I moved to Flowers, I signed up with BellSouth for a package deal with Bellsouth internet, Cingular Wireless, Direct TV and Fast Access DSL and it is great!
    Direct TV has never gone out! Cingular works out here.
    I love DSL and haven’t had any problem with the internet until AT&T took over. Now, they kick me off line a lot and I just have to hit “try again” and it reconnects. I think they have too many subscribers now.
    My total bill is never over #140. for everything including long distance calls and Encore movies. I do not regret moving at all!

  6. i have vicksburg video cable and internet and i have vonage phone service never been happier

    and for the record jenny you said you had dail up only and Bellsouth, Canufly,and AOL were all slow. if you have dail up it doesnt matter who you have service with it will always be slow

  7. I am the manager of one of Vicksburg Videos largest corporate customers. When everyting is working, service is great. However, it takes weeks to get a problem resolved. Updates and progress reporting regarding any problem is very unorganized and very litte concern is offered. I have to call many times and re-report the same problem information. Initially, they mean well. Overall, service is very unprofessional. At home I have BellSouth. Thus far I have had no problems and service is prompt.

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. Based on what I’ve read here, I switched to Cablelynx (Vicksburg Video) for internet, telephone and TV service two weeks ago. Experience to date: 1) Telephone is okay, but there are times when there is a pop in the background, 2) Internet speed is about the same as Bellsouth’s mid-tier DSL. BUT: The service man left no documentation, so I had to call Cablelynx to setup secure wireless on my wife’s computer. It took three calls, three different service people to solve a simple problem. The first call resulted in the service person failing to call me back after asking me to make some observations requiring shutting down the phone line. The second call was to an IDIOT who finally hung up on me. The third call was to a knowledgeable lady who solved the problem quickly. 3) TV quality is not good, especially on the upper-numbered channels. I have been trying to call Vicksburg Video all afternoon today to report the problem – the line is always busy. So, I have to grade the service at this point with an “F.”

  10. I finally got through around 4PM – the Vicksburg Video serviceman came right on out (4:45PM) and fixed the problem – I rate their service a “B” or better now. The serviceman was a nice fellow as well.


  12. We have had Vicksburg video for over a year now and there’s always a problem with the Internet…I’m only home on weekends but every Friday for the last month the Internet has gone out for a couple hours.Its off again right now…it’s getting to be ridiculous and I have had a bunch of techs come out here and every time the intenet goes out I call them and nothing is resolved.Just a waste of time.Switching to AT&T.Im not paying $50 a month for Internet that’s not that fast anyways that goes out every other day its bull

    • We have AT&T… it, too, goes out… but it’s every few minutes! We also have Verizon, which goes out less often, but sure isn’t perfect.

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