Twilight time revisited… Is disaster looming?

Opinion: The United States is a disaster that is steadily unfolding. We have gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation, from the one remaining superpower to a nation loathed by much of the rest of the world. The value of our dollar has plummeted versus all foreign currencies. Our domestic manufacturing base has disappeared – American companies are hiring and investing in other countries. The approval ratings of the president and congress are at all time lows, even as they continue to recklessly spend trillions of dollars we don’t have. We no longer save for the future; instead, at the insistence of our government and Wall Street, we are compelled to buy, buy, and buy more in order to “keep our economy strong.” Intervention in the stock market by the government’s “plunge protection team” may be the only reason the market has not crashed. Lowering of prime and discount interest rates by the horrid Federal Reserve bailed out the bankers and the brokers, but did nothing for those of you losing your homes. Our trade deficit with the rest of the world is over $2 billion – a day! –  with the result that foreign governments now have so many dollars that they can, if they like, control our foreign policy and wreck havoc with our economy. As a result of our government’s ineptitude, and our own irresponsibility, all assets valued in dollars are being debased. The price of everything from fuel to food to all types of commodities is rising rapidly. The morals of much of the American public (and those in corporate boardrooms and congressional offices) have sunk to a low exceeded perhaps only by the city of Sodom of the Old Testament – God and Christianity, the tenants upon which our government was founded, are under siege throughout our country. While China and the emerging economies graduate millions of polite and respectful Engineers and scientists each year, the United States’ universities train our brightest to be lawyers, and our high schools teach our students that America is to blame for much of the world’s troubles, and that each student’s “culture” should be respected, no matter how reprehensible it may be. The “poverty stricken” and “homeless” millions, and the thousands of public welfare employees who depend upon them for their jobs, grow in number each year. Lastly, we remain bogged down in costly foreign wars, with troops stationed or fighting in over 150 countries around the world.


Regardless of how bad things are, our government continues to lie to us, to wit: GDP and the economy are strong. Inflation remains subdued. The credit crisis is contained. The United States is committed to a strong dollar policy – the demise of the dollar doesn’t really matter – it makes our exports more desirable. We are near full employment (thanks to new, improved calculations). Job growth is strong (in fast food restaurant kitchens, and due to more novel calculations). The high price of oil will not affect our economy. The budget deficit doesn’t matter. Neither does the trade gap – it’s only a small percentage of our GDP.


We can no longer believe anything our government tells us. In fact, our government is to be feared, for it seems committed to forming a “North American Union” that eliminates our borders and the US Constitution. The Patriot Act and similar legislation are encroaching on every aspect of our freedoms – if certain of our leaders have their way, we are headed toward a police state. Plans by the president and congress to grant amnesty and special privileges to 20 million illegal immigrants were narrowly averted only by a concerted effort of the public to prevent it.


Some of Mississippi’s own representatives in congress cannot be counted upon to look out for our interests. Senator Trent Lott was a strong supporter of the amnesty bill, and has indicated that he supports passage of the old “Fairness Doctrine,” which might put an end to conservative talk radio. Representative Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has recently made himself a public laughing stock; his socialistic views will in no way serve the best interests of the working people of our state.


One year from now we will go to the polls to elect a new president and perhaps even some new congressmen. During the interim, we must all pay particular attention to the philosophies of all of the candidates in light of the sad state of our nation’s affairs. Only by electing leaders who will reinstitute constitutional government have we a chance to prevent the demise of our nation. Twilight time is approaching. Will our nation fade with the sunset, or will it instead experience the dawning of a new era that will brighten the future for our children and grandchildren? The choice is up to us; consider it with the utmost scrutiny.


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  1. I support Ron Paul for president. If you’ve never heard of him, and care to learn more, check out the following sites:

    Ron Paul site:

    The best youtube video:

    This site has several youtube videos:

    WordPress blog

    Ron Paul isn’t the only candidate, of course. I hope some of you will voice your support of whichever candidates you prefer – including those in statewide races.

  2. I also support Ron Paul for Pres and i have from early on!!!!!

  3. I just finished watching the youtube videos of Ron Paul from the website above and somehow got on some videos of Rudy Giuliani that were very upsetting. One was a video from the New York firefighters about how Giuliani is a fraud running for President on the 9/11 tragedy and they want to set the record straight. You can check these videos out at:

    I have to tell you that after watching the one from the firefighters that I was in tears over what Giuliana had done.

    I am also a supporter of Ron Paul. I confess I had never heard much about him until Malcolm mentioned him several weeks ago and I started reading about him and since then have been keeping track of him. This man may be the answer to our prayers. The rest of the candidates are certainly not! This country is definitely in a mess. I worry about my children and my grandchildren and what their future holds.

    Please folks, take time to check out RON PAUL. He is the only candidate who makes sense. He goes back to the grassroots our forefathers founded this country and back to our Constitution. He believes in morals and people being responsibile for themselves. He believes in this country being at peace with other countries and minding our own business. We need to listen and support RON PAUL.

  4. If you are willing to read a depressing newsletter concerned with the state of the US-to-come, click on the site below. The author, Jim Willie, is another who, like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, is laughed at by the other candidates/members during financial or presidential debates on TV.

  5. Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul…

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