New website for the Vicksburg Animal Shelter

Hats off to Southern Paws Rescue which, in cooperation with the City of Vicksburg, and with the blessing of Mayor Laurence Leyens and our two aldermen, has initiated a new website that offers photos and descriptions of animals that may be adopted from our city pound. The site is still under development, but you may visit it at…

This is evidence of the increasing cooperation that is taking place between the city and the rescue groups, and is cause for rejoicing among the various animal rescue/shelter groups. If the VWHS will cooperate in similar endeavors as well, many more of our abandoned animals will have a chance for a future.

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  1. I think it is fantastic that the City is working with Southern Paws to try and save some of those unfortunate animals which actually have had no chance up until now!

    I adopted a beautiful, very playful 8 months old Russian Blue kitten today…like I needed another animal. With the tremendous effort the City of Vicksburg and Southern Paws are making, I wanted to help at least one of the animals there. Eldridge Skinner has the pound spic and span and he is so happy that some of the animals are being moved out and don’t have to be taken to Jackson to be euthanized. He is a big plus to the City of Vicksburg work force. This man really cares about the animals.

    Debbie at Southern Paws is a tireless worker to save animals at her own expense and with the help of volunteers and donations. She has a beautiful calico/siamese mixed female cat for adoption from the pound that has been spayed and declawed. Maxie is very frightened right now and needs to go to a home with no other animals. She needs a quiet home, preferable with one or two adults. Maxie is on the website which Debbie has created and is still working on and she has beautiful markings..the most unusual I have ever seen. I think she is traumatized right now having been at the pound after being a totally “in house” cat.

    Please check out the website and consider adopting some of the animals at the local pound. They will be sent to the vet to be spayed or neutered and shots given. More animals will be added to the site. This is their last chance folks, so please check back often.

    We can save so many more lives since the City of Vicksburg is working with Southern Paws Rescue to adopt out animals from the City Pound rather than just sending them to Jackson to be euthanized. Vicksburg Warren Humane Society should also be working with Southern Paws. They are a great bunch of dedicated rescuers. The more lives we can save, the less lives are snuffed out permanently.


  2. I thought I would update those of you who might be interested in the kitty I adopted from the pound thru Southern Paws Rescue. Tricia, I knew you would be interested. His name is Blue Baby and he is a mess!

    There is not one spot in this house that he hasn’t explored, not one box he hasn’t been in, not one table he hasn’t been on, and not one chair he hasn’t jumped into. He plays all day and when he gets tired, he plops down right where he is and falls asleep. When I awake each morning, he is in the bed beside me. He has a great personality and walked right in my house as though he had lived here all his life.

    Bud, my Siamese cat, instantly took offense! After two days, he is beginning to let his guard down. They are both asleep here in my computer room waiting for me to go to bed. I think Bud will come around and decide Blue Baby isn’t so bad. He really doesn’t have a choice because Blue Baby won’t leave him alone. 🙂

  3. Eldridge Skinner has been most pleasant to work with in helping to save city pound Dogs and cats. Isabella the very young pekingnese girl from the City pound was adopted yesterday to a lady in Ala. The adopter drove 5 hours one way to get Izzy. Izzy has deformed back legs but full of life and very mobile, not to say that somewhere down the line she may have problems, she has a wonderful home and two other rescue dogs for freinds.
    Our rescue has helped 6 dogs and 2 cats from the pound in the past month. Some went on to other breed rescues, the two labs are in homes in New Hampshire.
    The lady that adopted Izzy said She has gone from Death row dog to DIVA dog. This is what rescue is about..

  4. Hats off to Debbie Lowery!!! When she encounters an obstacle she just goes right around and goes back to what she is so good at – saving lives! I haven’t had a chance to look at the site yet but if Debbie is doing it I know it is great and plan to see it as soon as I finish this comment. Vicksburg is so lucky to have Debbie and I hope that you will all stand up and volunteer to help her in her efforts to save even more animals!

    Debbie Brattan
    Little Rock, AR

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