Halloween handouts hunted by hustlers?

One of our readers noted that some of the trick-or-treaters who visited her neighborhood last Halloween night arrived from behind the wheels of their vehicles. Are things getting so bad that adults need the Halloween handouts? Can the love of chocolate be carried to such extremes? Tongue in cheek, of course, but… did you notice similar activity in your neighborhood? Or were you one of them…???

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  1. I left a long comment earlier and it hasn’t shown up! I don’t have it in me to write all of it again, if it got lost in space!!
    Hopefully, it will be found and posted.

  2. One of the reasons I moved from one of the older sub-divisions off Halls Ferry Road, was due to the older teenagers who kept coming out to trick or treat. Some of them were 6′ tall. I, with my big mouth, told some of them I felt they were a little old to be trick or treating. I was told, “we can sure trick you, white woman”. I gave them the candy!

    After that, I never stayed at home on Halloween. From then on, I turned out all my lights, put my pets inside and went to my daughter’s house in Lake Park.

    Another reason I felt it was time to move was the rapes in a very nearby sudivision that have yet to be solved.
    I just didn’t feel safe anymore since I lived alone.

    Mind you, I’m not a person who scares easily, but I’m also not a fool. I decided I needed to sell my house and get out of the city.

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