Election results posted on county website

Results of yesterday’s election are here…


The only race that may still be in question is the Lauderdale/Flanders race for Supervisor, District 4. With only 41 votes separating the two, a recount may be in order.

Your comments are invited.

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  1. I was very surprised by the margin of victory in the DA’s race. If ever a referendum was sent it was in this race. It is nice to see the people of Warren County were paying attention to the issues. It appears to me there was a strong vote against Mr. Martin as much as there was support for Mr. Smith.

    I have mixed emotions about Carl leaving the Board of Supervisors but maybe now the board will come together and move forward. It will be interesting to see if the effort is made to heal relations with the city and if the board will move forward on combining services for the Dog Pound.

    I remain optimistic and have to comment that it was a pretty good turnout for an off year election.

  2. What wasa real interesting about the state election Jim Hood is the only Democrat AG.

  3. I was very happy Ricky Smith won the election.!!!!

  4. Had Gil Martin not posted the few cases that he had won, I would have voted for the wrong side. I wonder how many others changed their minds due to that ad.

    However, I do stand firm and I think Ricky Smith will find that the Vicksburg Police Department does not follow through with their paperwork and is a large part of not being able to take cases to court.

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