Our school board – gone nuts?

This is hearsay, but it came from a teacher in the public school system, so one has to give it some credence, to wit: The local school board has decided to recognize the “culture” of local public school students by taking into account the way they have been raised. The most blatant example of this acceptance of familial or peer background, or “culture,” as described by this teacher, is this: If a student gets in a teacher’s face and calls her a “MF,” the teacher merely accepts it as a product of that student’s “culture.”


We hope this hearsay is untrue. Any of you who have direct knowledge of the school board’s position are invited to comment.


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  1. I sure hope this is not true.

  2. You must be kidding! No one in their right mind would make such a ruling. Just because one culture has no morals doesn’t mean we have to accept them. We need to try and TEACH them some.

  3. I agree, Today I was told by a teacher that she resigned, she just could not do it anymnore. Too much politics and at times afraid to go in the classroom.
    Back in the day, chewing gum in class was a big deal..!!
    Went to St Francis, taught by the nuns maybe they should get the nuns back I bet they could straighten out this mess.

  4. We need to take our whole country back from minorities who don’t believe in God, from those who call everyone else racists when “they”, in fact, are the racists, from criminals who are slapped on the hands and then turned loose to commit more crimes, from lawyers who defend people who they know are guilty and from cultures who think they have more rights than the rest of us. This is insane. Our laws need to be changed. We need to go back to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Until we stop PUTTING UP WITH IT, it will only get worse. Politicians are corrupt, lawyers are bought and paid for and the middle class, honest, hard working citizens are the hardest hit. We pay the most taxes, have the fewest deductions and the least rights. Our country has become soft! Laws have been made to protect the criminals and the indecent.

    If this is true about the school board, everyone of us needs to march right up to them and tell them NO, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT! If we don’t, then WE are to blame for not standing up for OUR rights. We do have a few left, you know.

  5. Our whole country has gone to hell. I actually hate the ACLU. I’m sure they served a purpose years ago but now all they do is fight to make the USA a Godless country with no morals. We have allowed this to happen. We have become as sheep…allowing our supreme court and the ACLU to tell us how to live. How do you stop it? I think we all have to speak up and say we are not going to take it anymore and mean it. We can start with the school board. They may be afraid of the ACLU, if so get rid of them. Loud music with vulgar lyrics… call the police. Use your cellphone to report them. Stop pretending you don’t hear it. When a student yells at or uses profanity at a teacher and that kid is not expelled we want to know about it. This forum is a great way for us to get the real story. We can hold the school board and administration accountable. I didn’t mean to get on my soapbox. I hate disrespect. When MF is said around my parents or grandchildren I get so angry that we have allowed this to become a common figure of speech.

  6. I totally agree with you, Linda. But how do we get personally involved? Frankly, if I were present when a student called a teacher a MF, they would have to haul me off to jail for assault. I hope that any teacher who happens to read this can tell us what we can do to help.

  7. I suppose the place to start would be to find out if this is true. Does anyone know someone on the School Board?

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