The survival of the Republic is at stake…

“America is no longer the economic powerhouse; its empire has begun to fall inearnest, just like all past great empires, including the Roman and British empires.” So says The Grandich Letter today, which may be accessed by clicking the link. The letter also recommends viewing an 11 minute video wherein US Comptroller General David Walker describes the formidable problems facing our country due to our government’s fiscal irresponsibility. You may access it here if you are concerned about the future of our country, our state, and our city: .  

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  1. I found the letter interesting. We may we learn our lessons from the Roman Empire which also fell from within.

  2. Hey, just politcal rhetoric for an upcoming presidential election. I will agree our sense of Nationalism is gone for now, but the rest of it is just left or right wing smoke and mirrors to encourage us to vote for a change.

    Same old same o.

  3. David I believe that normal people are tired of the left and right. And the real stupid partinship too.

  4. David, you remind me of Nero. Have you a fiddle?

  5. Malcolm, the sky is faling, sound the alarm.

    : p

  6. Seriously, for a real economic and political collapse to occur several more things have to be in place. Primarily the rise of an organized threat capable of taking the place of the current system. The “…aging crisis and the geopolitical timebombs” he mentions are a concern. But to say it is the precedent to a major collapse should be examined in relation to his personal political orientation. He is not happy with the current administration and blames them for intervention and manipulation of the market. I am not happy with the current administration either, however I forecast the end of their time, not the end of America as we know it. Also with Mr. Grandich’s accuracy trend being way off the mark in the gold, oil, copper and silver markets over the past four years I have grown skeptical of his advice.

    Keep in mind we are involved in a healthy and vibrant political season that is part of the foundation for our particular civilization. If you track the source of any piece of information that proclaims the end of time you will find a political or religious agenda designed to serve the needs of that particular political or religious group. Undoubtedly the USA is evolving into a different country than it was 40 years ago. I think that is a good thing.

    The growth of any country is, if you will, organic in nature. If one can extrapolate an abstract thought of something like a nation being an organic structure you will come to understand the growth and rebirth cycle it undergoes.

    The complexities of our civilization are multifaceted and each experiences it’s own independent cycle while tied into the larger ‘forest’ surrounding it. The economic facet of that ‘forest’ is growing in some parts and dying in others. Just like the manufacturing segment grew heartily in the 50’s and 60’s and died out in the 80′ and 90’s. The trick in the economic cycle is to stay ahead of the trend. Mr. Grandich made his name for his skill in that area, 20 years ago. Like all grand forecasters he wants to once again be proven to be correct but when he missed the oil trend (by 115% mind you) he lost my support.

    It is my personal opinion that we have squeezed the life out of the mortgage and manufacturing parts of our economy. The Federal government has fed the budget powerfully (ala Reagan) in hopes of growing the economy. The bottom line on all three of these areas is they will be reborn after they complete their cycle.

    The idea that we are near the end of our time is extreme, to say the least.

    On the other hand December 12, 2012 is supposed to be the exact day that the end of time occurs according to the Mayan calendar and the ancient Oracle. Honestly, this worries me far more than the gloom and doom forecasted above. The fact that we are in a political season should help one focus on the intent of the insurmountable problems mentioned in the above links.

  7. I haven’t read the article, but my concern is that some foreign governments may decide to punish us by withdrawing their money from our markets (China, Saudis).

  8. I didn’t know anyone besides me took December 12, 2012 seriously. In that respect, you and I agree – the Mayans were a super-intelligent race. We can’t even figure out what happened to them.

    But, David, again, take off the rose-colored glasses. The US has lost its manufacturing base, debased its currency, become the biggest debtor nation in history, tolerated the near total destruction of morals (and education) in our schools, encouraged its citizens to become addicted to prescription drugs with little attention to prevention, wasted inumerable lives and dollars in the failed “war on drugs” and the war in Iraq, and with the full cooperation and involvement of the big bankers and brokers, has looted the American public… and on and on. Things don’t just look bad – they look like the end of life as we know it.

  9. II Chronicles 7:14 “However, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, search for me, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear their prayer from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their country.”

    I noticed recently in this verse that it says if MY people. . .God’s people, His followers, will turn to Him.

    Two years ago, I traveled to a Muslim country. While I was there, they passed a law that billboards had to reflect conservative values, nothing distasteful, and I realized what a conservative country I was in. I was really embarassed that in my own country so many distasteful things are all around us, and I wondered what people around the world must think of us.

  10. Malcolm, all the things you list above are true. However I maintain that most of it is just part of a natural cycle.

    Our manufacturing base has been replaced by a service economy and the technical/computer/internet economy. Manufacturing died, service and computers flourished. Our national debt is a problem for us but it is feeding the economies of the Middle East, China, Mexico and India. One is dying, the others are flourishing. Our currency is devalued like it was in the 70’s and the Euro has risen to it’s place of prominence. One is dying, another is flourishing. It is all part of the greater forest. We are transitioning from the US being the economic center of the planet to a Global economy. Adjust, invest globally.

    The collapse of morals is being offset by record attendance in Church’s nationwide, more people attend now than ever in our history. Our schools are responding to the change in our family structure. Mom is no longer threatening the kids with wait till dad gets home, she is too tired from working all day and Dad lives with his girlfriend.

    I will agree with you on the prescription drug issue. Look to Mr. Frist if you want to place blame. While he was the majority whip the health care industry skyrocketed in cost and regulations were relaxed. Doctors are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and it is a shame. This area concerns me because we are so quick to do what our doctor tells us to do. As a society we have become easily led, but overall we are wiser now about that issue than 40 years ago. 40 years ago we were countering the Eisenhower mentality that led America – the expectation of doing exactly what we were told, just like in the military.

    The war on drugs is idiotic in it’s concept and application. The younger generation will fix that problem when they come to power, our generation is far to deep in the American Puritan Ethic to overcome it.

    Iraq is a travesty, poorly conceived and smells of inside deals and good old boy connections. The war on Iraq has put the president at a 24% approval rating and congress at 11%, the lowest in our history. We did well to remove the Taliban (yes, that made us Taliwhackers) from Afghanistan but going into Iraq, and the way we were led there, will be noted as one of the darkest periods of our history. The good news Malcolm is that this presidents time is almost up. The people are on to his tactics, he has lost support on all sides and other than his ability to veto put a fork in him.

    The looting of America is the fault of individuals. We can also sneer at the education system on that one however I tend to place blame on individuals for their poor financial decisions, not on some evil ‘ubernazi’ banking system.

    Personal debt has become the enslavement of America. We let our own personal wants come before our financial sense. Shame on us for falling into the trap.

    So maybe I do have rose colored glasses. All I can say is the view is good from here, I see sunny skies and bright days ahead, it’s a wonderful world.

  11. I sincerely hope you’re right, David. But I’m preparing for the worst. I’d suggest we all do that, just in case.

  12. Exactly how does one propose to prepare for the worst?
    Two weeks worth of food and water won’t cut it.

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