Does Vicksburg need more family-oriented recreational facilities?

boredstiff has suggested that Vicksburg needs more facilities geared toward family entertainment. He indicates, rightly so, that adult-oriented diversions in Vicksburg are plentiful – casinos, golf courses, night spots, etc. (with more on the way), and that he and his family often have to travel to Jackson to find recreation that they all can enjoy. Our city leaders are planning a huge sports complex that will be an outlet for some families, but to our knowledge no other establishments that cater to families or children are planned. It may be wise for the city leaders to consider the latter. Have you suggestions for the types of establishments you would locate in our city? Where would you place them?

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  1. I would suggest that the city and county leaders find something more family oriented,teen ager family oriented as well. Teens need a night spot to hang out and so they can hang out. Beside going to the boats which can become a bore after a while,why not a new bowling alley. A Chucky Cheeze would do for starters. Becouse they’re good with parties.

  2. With a Serial Rapist in Vicksburg, all of this pales!

  3. Todd fill in more details

  4. Come on, Tood, please stick to the subject and suggest your topic be listed to the moderator as one and stop bringing it up on other discussions. Once, again, I respect your concern, but it needs to be discussed in the proper place. This discussion is about family-oriented recreational facilities.

    Chuck, this town has always needed a place for teenagers to hang out and as far as I know,nothing has been successful. They have been run off of every public parking lot that I can remember. The reasons were the trash they left behind, fights, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.

    But, that isn’t family-oriented recreational facilities. The only ones I know of are through the local churches. Bingo used to be played on certain nights, but not for families because it was considered gambling. Then the boats came and they were for certain gambling.

    For the heck of it, I googled “family-oriented recreational facilities” and one of the first ones to pop up was a nudist camp. I don’t think that is what our moderator had in mind either. The only things I can think of would be miniature golf courses, go cart tracks, batting cages, and bumper boat ponds, video game rooms, etc. When Rainbow Casino first came here, they had some of these family oriented events, however, they weren’t supported by the public and they were eventually closed down.

    What we really need here is something comparable to a Six Flags or Dollywood something similar. We are a tourist destination of historical interest, we have gaming, but we don’t have anything to offer families as tourists as well as locals in the way of good ole fun. If we had a facility such as Dollywood, we would have it all. Locals could by season passes and go in and out all year as families or teenagers. We would have the best of both worlds. My only concern would be if we have enough tourists and locals to support it.

  5. That’s the issue, supporting it. Members of our community are very quick to damn anything for the smallest of reasons – and valid reasons too. It appears to me that is done to empower the one with the complaint. That unfortunate sense of entitlement makes one who would invest in a facility uncomfortable with trusting this community to buy in and support the facility. Keep in mind the greatest indicator of what will happen in the future is what has happened in the past. After the first fight or first sign of trouble any new facility is going to look like the mall. Also the discretionary dollars available from our teenage customers are not large enough to support any new and expensive facility so it would have to be family friendly. Even factoring in the number of visitors to our city every day (in the 120,000 range) you would have to market to them well ahead of their planned visit. Sorry to be the Devil’s advocate on this one, but it is my business sense talking.

    If someone native and well respected came up with an entertainment facility geared towards children and families that facility would have the greatest chance of success.

    Perhaps the Aquilla Group will consider including a bowling alley, miniture golf course and a go cart track into their plans. Their current project is for ball fields and supporting structures including a hotel. With the emphasis being on attracting tourist they will have a chance at getting the numbers needed to make it profitable and thus sustainable. 25 million is a lot of money. Even with grants and fundraisers the remaining part of the 25 million that is financed demands that the number of guest needed to make it profitable are huge. I admire them for their ambition and wish them the best in their efforts. It would be huge for our community.

    I agree with Smitty that a Dollywood type of location would be exactly what we need. I wonder where we would put it and who would we have to contact. But with the world class ballfields and a Dollywood Vicksburg would absolutely explode with tourist dollars. Property values would skyrocket and Warren County in general will grow based upon the number of jobs needed to provide for the influx of tourist. Wouldn’t that be something, the Gatlinburg of the South.

  6. This is the first time in 40 years Vicksburg has been without bowling lanes. There were so many men, women and children league bowling in Vicksburg. The 2007 Womens Bowling Tournament for Mississippi was held in Meridian and the top 4 places were won by Vicksburg teams. The amount of tourist dollars generated by bowling tournaments is very high. A state tournament could last 2 months with about 250 bowlers each weekend. They would need hotel rooms, resturants, casinos and shopping. Of course, they would be very disappointed with the shopping. They would like the outlet mall. Our mayor would do well to try to get the tourist dollars from these tournaments.

  7. I’ve been hearing rumors of a new bowling alley but nothing definite. But to close the alley is like a slap in the face of those who love to bowl.
    Those that complain over something new where everyone benefits:well it’s time for them to put up and shut up. Becouse behavior like that is sending signal that some will not do business with u.

  8. now anothere facility this port really lacks is a place for the kids who love to skateboard. No kidding. They don’t have anyplace really to go to play with thier skateboards.

  9. The reason Rainbow’s Funtricity closed was not because the public didn’t support it. It was because the public took advantage of the facility. Rainbow was not prepared for people to come and drop off their children and leave them for hours without proper supervision. It became a free babysitter. Who do we talk to about this? Who can we get to get behind an idea like this? I have talked to several different people and no one knows. I have even put an email in to the supervisors and sent an email to the mayor. Naturally I received no reply. How’s that for public service.

  10. That’s not too good. Maybe it’s time for another letter or a few phone calls. I would have bet Carl Flanders would have answered if none of the rest would.

    We were wondering who to contact for a Dollywood type theme park, but no one seems to know. I read an article in the newspaper just a few days ago that now the coast is thinking about the possibility of doing just that.

    That is going to be a boomtown down there with more casinos coming in than there were before Katrina. We need to get on the ball if we want to beat them to it.
    Rest assured, they aren’t going to sit around and waste time. They want those tourist dollars down there.

  11. The coast has always been ahead of these business/political leaders that we have. Thier real problem is that they put thier self-center greed ahead of thier own community. And another fact is that not all corporations don’t want to bring jobs becouse of the gambling boats. And not all corporate execs aren’t so impressed with narrow minded yahoos who think thier so big either.
    Now there has been talk too of waterlike facility coming here but I haven’t anymore from the mayor’s office. I do find it interesting how Funtricity failed. The one that has some scratching thier heads is howcome a port this size doesn’t have a cinema. When I get asked that I simply explained what happened.

  12. Let’s face it. The current administration is not for the good of all. Case in point. They are about to give millions for the proposed Rec park behind St. Michael’s to a private company to build just baseball fields. Are we blind? Sid Beauman is attempting to make himself a job after the next election.

    So we are going to have a 44 million dollar Baseball Park and girl’s softball park?
    What happen to Adult softball? And as for Soccer the city has never even tried to help the public in that area.

    Young families will not stay or come to this area without places like soccer fields and etc. But these city officials do not care about the public’s interest, only theirs.

  13. You’re right on the money on this one. Vicksburg real achilles heal has always been about making money and never the local and public good. And that arrogant greedy money mentally not only chases away families I believe also some corporations don’t want to do business with local narrowed minded good ole boys who would like to tell them what the do. I doubt if Warren Buffet would spin the time the day here to make an investment. Now the local mom and pops businesses are filing chapter 11 and that arrogant greedy memtally hasn’t gotten them no where.

  14. Yea, we need something for everyone here. Like a place for adults to go listen to music. There’s Levi’s but it is not city or county owned. Why is so much emphasis placed on kids ball parks? We need some restaurants in Vicksburg, too. There’s no variety here to eat anywhere. We have family from out of town all the time & we go to Jackson to eat. We don’t eat on the boats. There’s just not a good variety here.

  15. The local schools that were closed (such as culkin), if modified, would be a wonderful community center. Some type of grant would support moderization. I would draw on successes in Orlando or other areas that appeal to teenagers.

    However I do remember the concrete water slide near the now grey hound bus stop :()

  16. I know this is old, but to clarify some misconceptions, Funtricity , as we knew it, was never owned by Rainbow. The park closed its doors and Rainbow then bought and converted it into a party venue for their functions.

    Premier Closes Funtricity Family Entertainment Park

    Premier Parks Inc. and Rainbow Hotel and Casino announced last Friday that the Funtricity Family Entertainment Park, which is managed by Premier Parks’ Six Flags subsidiaries, would close on September 11, 1998.

    The facility was insignificant to Six Flags’ consolidated operations. Rainbow Hotel and Casino will purchase the ground lease and existing buildings and is presently exploring alternative uses for the facility.

  17. I really wish the mayor or somebody would bring something fun to vicksburg. I love my hometown alot but it is soooo boring…it would be nice if we had a gettistown or a waterpark or just something for everybody to go and just enjoy besides the casinos which really isnt for kids at all.I bet vicksburg would make alot of money then and it just might attract more tourist as well!

  18. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile, I miss Funtricity, girl.

  19. […] Does Vicksburg need more family-oriented recreational facilities? […]

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