Vicksburg eateries: a decade of difference

There was a time not too long ago when the quantity and quality of restaurants and cafes in Vicksburg left much to be desired. Some may still feel that this is true, but there has certainly been an improvement in numbers and variety. Share your experiences with the good, the bad, and even the ugly among our city’s epicurean offerings. And if you prefer to dine in Jackson or another nearby town, share that as well. We may all eat better and wiser (and maybe cheaper?) after hearing from you.

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  1. I would like to see an Outback, Lone Star, Chili’s, or Applebees come to Vicksburg. They have great atmosphere that we don’t have here in Vicksburg and their food in consistent. You get fairly fast service with cheerful people serving you.

  2. I would love to see some of them too Smitty. Problem is there is not enough business here for them. After Red Lobster failed the franchisee put the word out on Vicksburg and it will be a while.

    My personal favorite is HorseFace Harrys Cafe. : )

  3. I just knew that last comment was coming…

    Rusty’s does a booming business, and with good reason – the food and service are great. I also like the Ameristar buffet (sorry, city-based restaurants), HorseFace Harry’s when I want some good “down-home” cookin’, the Mexican restaurant for Corona & tacos, Burello’s… man, I like them all!

    But Outback, Lone Star, Chili’s, Applebees… they’re not for me. I can go to Kroger’s and buy a six-pack and a frozen pizza or a Lean Cuisine if I have a hankering for their kind of food.

  4. I agree about the chain restaurants, Malcolm! I really miss the Middle Eastern style restaurants we have had in the past. . .like the one that was in the building Rusty’s is in now. It had really healthy Lebanese cuisine. Personally, I don’t think Vicksburg has much to offer in the way of restaurants. Though Rusty’s is good, the wait to get in is not. I remember much more variety in the past than now. I am old enough to miss Tasty’s Food Shoppe. . .anybody else remember that???

  5. Horseface Harry’s? The restaurant beside Fred’s on Halls Ferry Road where the wait staff wears cowboy hats, there are western decorations on the wall, and H. H. is a woman, married to a guy who is crazy as a road lizard?? Never heard of it.
    I jest.
    I like Billy’s, at the outlet mall, with his “Italian” chicken salad (kissing the tips of my fingers and throwing my arm out, in an Italian gesture).
    My favorite casino restaurant is the new one at Rainbow, the Riverview Buffet. It is a lovely place, the food is good, and yes, you are able to view the river,hence the name.
    And yes, I remember Tasty Foods. It was owned by friends of mine, and it was a great place to run into to get a good, quick bite to eat.
    Personally, I would love an Applebee’s to come here, but it won’t, I’m pretty sure. But one place that is always good, always busy, and is in its new location, is Goldie’s. Randy does know how to do it right because that place is always hopping, and you are in and out of there in a timely fashion, even at lunch.
    Lael’s take out is good, too, after you have spend over $100 at Kroger and still have nothing to eat.
    The thing is, yes, Vicksburg could use another couple of restaurants, but face it, just looking at some of the residents here shows that MOST of us are NOT going hungry! We should all eat less, actually. So now I am going to get something else to eat with my second cup of coffee…..hmmmm, more food…….

  6. I miss Maxwell’s Restraunt becouse they served the best fried chicken. Did you know that Quizno’s was coming here? But they pulled out becouse of the legal issues over that Halls Ferry Station. Close to the corps no one hasn’t bought Maxwell’s Property and some people here miss Krystal’s since it closed and the Diner place which had been converted from Krystal’s is out of business too. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Outback nor an Applebees. I heard Starbuck’s Coffee is coming but nothing definite.

  7. Oh, my “crazy as a road lizard” comment? I mean that in the nicest way possible!

  8. Hey Tricia I like that “Crazy as a Road Lizard” line it cracks me up LOL

  9. Damn handsome boy too.

  10. Ooh, that is so very true, he does have that certain “look”.

  11. I don’t frequent the casino restaurants because it is always the same food. The menu never changes. I agree, Rusty’s food is fine, but waiting 30 minutes to an hour to get in is a turn off for me.

    Now, Goldies, as Tricia said, has great food, great service and gets you in and out quicker than any place in town. You are absolutely correct, Tricia, he has it fine tuned. And by the way, I also remember the Tasty Food Shoppe, Anon.

    I confess, I have not gone to Horse Face Harry’s, but I better since so many of you think highly of it. David says they have a good steak so, I guess we will check it out.

    I still like the atmosphere of Outback and Applebees, plus the menus. I was shocked when Red Lobster left because we used to go there at least once a week. I thought they had plenty of business. They were always full when we went there…lunch or evening meals.

  12. I’ve always like Goldie’s BBQ. U know in some questions why aren’t more restraunts here? U know where around the Corps of Engineers some are wondering why there hasn’t been anymore new developments and variety.

  13. Other than HorseFace Harry’s Cafe my personal favorite is Anchuca. The ginger fillet is as good as it gets. The service is excellent every time I have been there and the atmosphere is B&B perfect. Kudos to Tom, Chris, Beau and Zach for their efforts. Expect to drop $100 for dinner and a couple of drinks.

    Billy’s Italian is another favorite. The food is good and the price is right. We went to Beechwood this past weekend and the ribeye I had was absolutely perfect. Again, as good as it gets. Jacques Cafe has also been very good the last two times we were there. They have one server we avoid, but the pan fried roughy encrusted with parmesan and topped with roasted almonds and a butter lemon sauce was to die for.

    Of the chain restaurants McAllister’s is about the only one we visit with any frequency. Wendy’s is my favorite fast feeder. El Ranchero is far and away the best mexican restaurant. Even the seafood buffet at Ameristar is excellent. I didn’t like the new buffet at the Rainbow, maybe it was just an off night – it happens.

    We visit other restaurants all the time since we don’t cook at home. : )

    I don’t get those who say there are not many options for dining in Vicksburg.

  14. I have a plaque in my kitchen that says –
    “If you are what you eat, then I’m fast, cheap, and easy!”
    Shoot, we even eat a Wendy’s a lot. There is just something about those nuggets that hits the spot!!!
    And, I have never eaten at Rainbow in the evening, so the food may not be as good or fresh as it is at lunch. They change up what they serve and some days, there are more things that I like than on other days. But I never leave hungry, that’s for sure!!

  15. Nobody has mentioned Betty Bullard’s place, MAIN STREET MARKET, at the corner of Cherry and Main! I can’t believe none of you have gone there yet! It’s open for lunch and right now on Monday evenings. It’s the BEST food in town. Chris, the chef, makes a wonderful, complex Gumbo! He starts with a homemade stock! Hello! No canned stuff at this place! The presentation is beautiful, not slopped on the plate like a pig trough. Oh, homemade pies, and sometimes they have cream puffs! When was the last time you had a fresh cream puff! They also have yummies in the cooler you can take home for dinner! Yall gotta go there! They’ve spoiled me rotten! But Betty Bullard will do that!

  16. Thanks for letting us know about Betty’s place. I didn’t know it was hers. . .now I will go right away. Hope it’s open on Saturdays. When she had the Harrison House tea room, I loved going there and taking out of town clients, especially.

  17. I didn’t know about Betty Bullard’s place either. It must be a well kept secret. Thanks for the tip, Todd.

    When you say lunch, can you be more specific on the time? And is lunch more like sandwiches and gumbo or main course meals?

  18. We love to eat out frequently, but as retirees, cost is one of the major factors. As for local restaurants, we did try the evening Rainbow Buffet just after their reopening, but the food was somewhat dried out and seemed to have been sitting out for some time. We kind of marked it off our list. We tried HorseFaceHarry’s twice. Enjoyed the food at lunch the first time. At dinner on the second visit, it was near to closing, and we felt so rushed that we didn’t get to enjoy our meal. We do love El Ranchero, especially their huge steak/chicken/shrimp fajita dinner for two which always winds up going home and feeding us for another meal! I’ll look forward to finding and trying the Main Street Market. Enjoy reading all the suggestions for new places to try since we are not native Vicksburgers but have retired here.

  19. The Red Lobster Vicksburg failure has been misjudged for a while. The manager is married to Henry who owns Townhouse on Mission and he said that that particular (smaller) format was an experiment that they tried in only two other locations. Every one of them failed. The conclusion was that Red Lobster requires their larger floor plan to be successful.

    Red Lobster’s failure in Vicksburg had much more to do with the smaller floor plan than the market. This lady is still the manager at the facility in Jackson.

  20. Betty Bullard’s Main Street Market’s phone # is 601-634-8088. Give them your email address to get on the distribution list for daily menu. It changes! Awesome! You never get tired of it! No, not open on Saturdays yet. Weekdays for lunch and Monday dinner—best to make reservations. Bring your own bottle, if you want alcohol with dinner. They’re next to a day care so I guess they can’t have a liquor license. One of Mrs Bullard’s daughters, Sally and her husband, Chris, the chef, are there. Oh, yeah, they’ve got those slap-ya-mama-biscuits too! Book for special parties too!

  21. Skipper, thanks for the info on the Red Lobster. I had one credible source of information on that failure and they indicated operating and labor issues over conceptual ones.

    I was aware of the small scale Red Lobsters but was not aware the one in Vicksburg was from that model. Wasn’t there also an issue with high food cost and high labor cost at this particular unit?

  22. All of you out there with the great response to our hard work and Main Street Market THANK YOU!!! I can only tell you that… we work really hard to bring fresh homemade food to you. It is truly a family business. There is Momma (Betty) in the front, Chris (Husband) in the kitchen doing all the cooking and Me (Sally) making desserts and serving all the tables. I can tell you that having worked for a major chain for 15 years… This is much better…both from a employee stand point and a diner. Vicksburg thinks it is starving for new places to eat and go, do and see. But when was the last time you checked out the Beechwood, Will Hood and Rocky are great. And don’t forget Rowdy’s and Monsour’s…Let’s keep these guys in business another 40years. Rusty’s does a great job.You see him every night in his kitchen working right along with his team. Tom Pharr at Anchuca… how about a great dinner Friday or Saturday.. Have you had their Belgium waffles for Sunday brunch. Thursday nights music at 61 Coffee house… why would you want a Starbucks!! We are all locally owned and operated and at work in our businesses every day.
    SO eat and shop local. Check downtown out. Go to Lorelie books instead of Amazon. She can order most anything. Enjoy a fried green tomato sandwich or a fresh fruit smoothie at the Tomato stand on 61south. Take time to check out all that WE have to offer… you might be surprised. Again thanks for all the great support we really appreciate it and hope we can continue to deliver for years to come.

  23. i agree about goldies they have the best dry rub kansas city ribs ,well that and tiff at the bar at lunch is my girlfriend does anyone else remember the pitgrill on indiana or top of the river which was on the west side of washington beside the original goldies. i agee with sally lets eat local .
    btw the new wingate in beside big lots is supposed to have a ruby tuesday in the front lot

  24. We live “out in the sticks” and could drive to Jackson as quickly as Vicksburg, but we CHOOSE Vicksburg. Beechwood is consistently good. Rowdy’s always welcomes us even if it is right at closing time and a tour bus just left! No one has mentioned Cedar Grove Mansion…always a “special date night” favorite. I wish someone had a good Sunday Brunch…hint hint… I don’t enjoy going to Ameristar, but I LOVE Sunday Brunch and it’s either there or the Edison Walthall in Jxn. My only “I’LL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN” is the Purple Ladder. The service was TERRIBLE! Waitress leaned on counter texting on her cell phone the entire time. Very small sandwiches w/no sides and a bit pricy for such a large disappointment.

    As a small business owner, I try to ALWAYS buy local and support independent businesses. Y’all keep it up so Vicksburg can continue to grow as a destination spot!

  25. I had dinner at Borello’s last night and it was quite sad. They were out of half of the things on the menu. It is no wonder there were not any patrons there. I will NOT be returning to an over priced, unsatisfying restaurant that serves frozen coconut pie only for dessert. I’m surprised that Mr. Borello is still in business. I knew we should have gone to Rustys!

  26. For a little different home cooking try Unique Impressions for lunch. It is located on Washington Street just past Dykes Furniture store. The food there is mouth watering!! It is a little bit different than Horse Face Harry’s. I love them both. Just depends on my mood at lunch.

    I like Goldies for their dry ribs but Ms Packy’s on 61 North has the best darn BBQ in town hands down!! They are right next to Helping Hand Pharmacy. Their price is just right and you get a large portion. I hurt myself everytime I go there. LOL!!

  27. Well, I’ve gone to Goldies twice lately & got a long hair in my food. Won’t be going back there. Horseface Harry’s is excellent! Of course, we LOVE the mexican restaurants because we love the chips & dips, salsa, etc. & the food is good & priced really well. The boats all taste like their food comes out of a can. So, nope, we don’t go there anymore, either. Borrellos is good, Toney’s is really good, especially now that he’s brought back the Top ‘O The River Special fish. Too bad that’s only at nighttime, though. That is excellent food!! I wish Top ‘O The River Restaurant would come back PERIOD.

  28. And now Ryans has closed!! We need some places to eat in Vicksburg.

  29. Well, I am glad to see somebody put up a website that I have been complaining about for years. I think the consensus is that we do have some great local restaurants, several have mentioned some very good ones. I think the issue here is why dont we have some of the big chains. I mean sure we can all drive 30-50 miles and get to Jackson but with the price of gas going up. I think it is more political that we can’t get these big chains to come here. I know that Starkville has even begun to get some big chains there and Starkville cant be any bigger than Vicksburg. Lets see some Outbacks or Applebees come here??

  30. We love Main Street Market Cafe on Monday nights. The food is out of this world and Miss Betty will convince you to try the dessert!!! Also nice for a gourmet lunch. Try the cafe filet at Anchuca-WELL worth the money. We just moved here and feel like we have been in Vicksburg all of our lives due to the southern hospitality when we visit Anchcuca and Main Street Market Cafe.

  31. I have to say, every time I come to you have another remarkable post up. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic a few weeks ago. I think I’ll send them the link here and see what they say.

  32. We are looking for places to eat in Vicksburg. We want places with good food and reasonable prices. Something along the Cracker Barrel price and quality. Since we travel alot were kind of save Cracker Barrel for when we are on the road. We have started going to Vicksburg to shop, breaking the habit of just heading to Jackson. We enjoy the Mexican restaurant near Home Depot but are not wanting to burn out on it.

  33. I forgot to say that we have found the people and service in Vicksburg wonderful.

  34. We have some fairly good new restaurants in Vicksburg, though I’m not sure “reasonable” could aptly describe them. Try the ones downtown – Main Street Market at the corner of Cherry and Main streets, Anchuca restaurant (at the rear of Anchuca mansion, 1010 First East Street), Toney’s at 1903 Mission 66, Rusty’s at 901 Washington Street, or Duff’s at 1306 Washington Street. There are lots more, so check back after you’ve tried these.

  35. Very informative post……

  36. Top “o” The River is the best restaurant I remember in Vicksburg as a child. Best catfish I’ve ever eaten!

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