The Vicksburg Post – fair and balanced?

One of our readers thinks it’s time to critique Vicksburg’s main source of local news, the Vicksburg Post. Of concern is the Post’s seeming reluctance to publish stories that portray our city and its government in a less than favorable light, its incomplete reporting in some areas (the crime report, for example), its lack of investigative reporting (a failure to investigate high gasoline and natural gas prices within the county, for example), its tendency to avoid confrontation with local politicians, and its habit of censoring (deleting or editing) letters-to-the-editor. On the other hand, some feel we’re quite lucky to have a newspaper of such excellent quality. If you would like to share your opinion of the Post, please do so.

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  1. Even if it only takes me five minutes to read, including the funnies, Dear Abby, Dr. Gott, and Tween Twelve and Twenty, and occasionally my horoscope, I am devastated if my paper is not out in the paper box when it should be!! I have been reading it since I was a kid, been subscribing to it as an adult for over thirty years, and don’t ever see me NOT subscribing to it, no matter what is wrong with it.
    What to do about those issues you raised (censorship, etc.)? I don’t know. Just make sure that I get one every day!!!

  2. Listen the Post website is real poor too. The Clarion Ledger website has breaking news. Now what’s the point in having a 50cent newspaper when its then and has too many adds. Also since the cinema has been closed the Post doesn’t give its readers its own courtesy of displaying showtimes in the Jackson metro area. I haven’t seen any quality style reporting. Now when the Minnapolis Bridge Incident happen the story should’ve been in the front of the paper; not in the back of the section of the paper.

  3. I miss the “old” newspaper. The Vicksburg Evening Post used to send reporters and photographers out to publicize civic events coming up. They do very little of that anymore. I think they term it as free advertising. It was nice to open the paper, read about local events coming up and see pictures of people you knew actually involved in them. And yes, I suppose it was a form of free advertising, but so what? Are they that hard up for money?

    We read news articles and pictures now that they pick up off the AP newswire, rather than putting in local information. All we get locally is crime, wrecks and politics.

    Someone wrote (in another topic) that the Post never gives the correct story. Well, how are we to know? If it isn’t correct, why doesn’t someone write a Letter to the Editor about it and give the right story? Or if it is politics, why doesn’t someone offer a rebuttal? Thank the powers that be for the Letters to the Editor. We learn a lot from them.

    Talk about partiality, the sports section is very lacking in reporting soccer and it is a major sport in this area. It’s all about football or baseball to The Post. It has taken years for soccer to get recognition and we have fought to get adequate fields in this city and county. For years, The Post had no mention of soccer. Finally, they are beginning to realize that it is a sport in this city and county. Still, there are practically no pictures of our girls and boys playing soccer. Compared to football and baseball, it doesn’t exist.

  4. Yeah that’s Post problem in the Sports section is it biases toward Soccer. But for the sports section to show the sport disrepect is really bias. Such biases need to be remove. In the Clarion ledger at least they go all out to show color pics of soccer. I wonder if the sport section is predjuice toward the sport all together.
    Listen my mom misses the old post too. She doesn’t like the new type face either.

  5. The Post is leaning to more sensationalized reporting and the editing seems to have taken a decidedly anti-Vicksburg bent.

    I always believed a local paper made its mark by being community positive and supportive of improvements. Focusing on local stories and the ‘seeing your name in the paper’ approach. The Post used to be that way.

    Regarding fair and balanced? Stories that are unfavorable to the paper or its family are never reported. The story on the mayor a couple a weeks ago was on the front page while the largest bond issue in our cities history going through on the same day was not reported. A fair and balanced paper would have reported both stories, not just the inflammatory one.

  6. David another fact that has turned off readers too. Why doesn’t the post have competition? It certainly isn’t fair and balance. When it comes to say a subject like subprime it doesn’t report it. In the Clarion Ledger it reported on the same issue in thier paper. I can tell you realtors are talking about this issue. I wouldn’t mind having subprime mortgage being a subject on Live from the Klondike sometime.
    One bias I don’t like the post is the fact it trys to embarrass the Mayor anyway it can. A paper shouldn’t have a hidden political agenda at all. Now is this agenda being engineered by Cashman? Or Managing Editor Charlie Mitchell? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Here’s another fact too: the reporters misspell words and mess up with thier sentences syntax too.

  7. But you know what? I buy and read it everyday. It is the information source in our community. Until there is an alternative news source I think we can do little beyond throw stones.

    On the defense side of the paper, in a personal effort to remain fair and balanced, I enjoy reading it and look forward to the daily delivery. The people I have met who work for the paper are congenial and appear to be serious in their efforts. I like them.

    What I don’t like is the recent change the paper has made to target individuals not in their favor.

  8. I read the Post through every day, and though you have to wonder about priorities at a newspaper that has two sections – one for sports, the other for all the other news – I’ve found the Post’s editorials prudent and accurate, and Charlie Mitchell’s columns interesting and informative. The Post is a long way from being everything for everybody, but I believe it’s a quality newspaper that we’re lucky to have – we could certainly be worse off.

  9. U know honestly this should be a two newspaper town in my opioin.
    Let me explain what I learned about the gas prices story the Post ran last year. It didn’t dig enough into the subject matter. Like how come Kroger and Walmart weren’t allowed to have gas pumps. How Waring Oil LLC sold thier stores to Pantry inc; for over ten million dollars. Now why wasn’t the Warings asked the fact that they blocked Wal-Mart from having gas pumps. Here’s another fact: when the barrel price of oil fell; why didn’t Charlie Mitichell do a follow up story? For an investigative article it wasn’t pursued enough. I can tell you that Charlie Mitchell enraged some people over his own column on the issue.

  10. Malcolm, I have to agree with you on Charlie Mitchell. He is dead on in his editorials and I admire his ability to communicate through the written word and his tenacity in siting sources for his information.

    The idea of another newspaper is interesting. Like any business you have to wonder if the numbers are there. If the town can support it via ads then it will come. If not, then it won’t. The issue of distribution is also a major concern. I think a weekly distibution could survive because of the small staff needed to report and the related cost of printing the paper.

    This would be an excellent project for a retired couple or interested organization to start. A four page weekly newspaper reporting the other side of the story.

  11. Now that’s a cool idea too. Even put the new paper online with updated content.

  12. Now here’s another story that Post hasn’t followed upon. Behind Wallsgreen on Halls Ferry Rd is Halls Ferry Station,a concrete block eyesore. Aleady Quizno’s pulled out becouse of the legel issues. Now what’s the real story behind this structure. What went wrong? Are other businesses who want to come to the Halls Ferry Station have they pulled out as well?
    The other is Starbucks Coffee. Are they coming or not coming?

  13. I understand a couple of things happened to the Halls Ferry Station. First it was poorly managed by the original owners/realtor’s. I inquired about putting a business there several times and did not get a call back. More than six months later someone called and said they were returning our call. That is bad business. The second issue there, as I was told, is that the concrete was poured incorrectly and did not pass inspection.

    My guess is it will sit there for a long time.

  14. Six months to return a phone call? Yes, I’d say that was pretty bad business. On the issue of the incorrectly poured concrete, what happens there? Is there a lawsuit involved, will it be torn down or will it remain an eyesore for all to see for how long? I would think the city could do something about that. It certainly isn’t very appealing, but then neither is the Thomas Building and it has been there for two years. I suppose that is a mute point.

  15. Sorry, I hit “submit” prematurely. I was going to say that the Post definitely needs to do an investigative report on the Halls Ferry Station and give the citizens of Vicksburg some idea of what to expect. This forum has increased my knowledge concerning it more than the Vicksburg Post has.

    I subscribe and read the Post everyday and miss it profusely if I don’t get it. I still think there should be more local news and events in it. I have, however, enjoyed the photographs sent in by readers which precedes the classified section. That’s cool.

  16. Another problem with the Post: to many adds but not enough news. A newspaper that’s fifty cents a ccpy should be thicker.

  17. What ever happened to the luxury hotel that was being planned in the Post Office Court House?

  18. I lived outside of the US(Germany) and cannot access the post on the link anymore.

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