Should the VWHS and the city pound merge?

The Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society performs its operations with several paid employees as well as volunteers. Its sources of income include grants, donations from the private and corporate sectors, and a substantial amount of money from the county. The figures that follow are estimates and are subject to correction by more knowledgeable parties.

The VWHS has approximately $150,000 in savings. The county has recently promised another $100,000 to the society to be used for construction of a new 3,700 square feet shelter, estimated to cost about $465,000, in addition to the amounts used to cover monthly expenses. The society has also received grants from the national humane society and others.

The amount spent by the city to operate its facility is approximately $180,000 per year, which includes the salaries of 3 employees.


Much has already been said about the lack of cooperation between the various animal control/animal rescue organizations; that point will not be belabored here.

Apparently, the city has tried for years to combine operations with the county in order to save money and streamline the animal control process. The county board of supervisors has refused to do so, however, apparently because of various differences between the way county and city approach animal control, e.g., leash laws, neutering/spaying regulations, adoption procedures, animal control ordinances, etc. In the words of one city official, the board of supervisors “doesn’t have any animal control ordinances.”

In the absence of cooperation by the county, the city is considering building its own shelter on land near the city park.

It appears obvious that combining city and county animal control operations would allow a bigger and better shelter to be built, adoption and spaying/neutering facilities could be added (animals are presently shipped to Jackson for euthanizing), and perhaps a veterinarian could be hired to supervise the operation. County supervisors receive a large amount of taxes from city residents, money for which few benefits are provided to city residents. Shouldn’t city, as well as county, taxpayers and concerned citizens demand a more efficient and more humane approach to animal control from their elected officials?

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  1. This post kind of slipped in without me noticing it. I am betting that is why there hasn’t been any comments on it, no one knows it’s here!
    That being said, I just want to do anything to help the animal population in Vicksburg. As I have said before, I have no love for Animal Control, and I have heard of and read of the non cooperation of the various rescue groups. But everyone needs to suck it up and help the poor animals! Egos do NOT need to be involved, just a humane solution for the overpopulation of animals in Warren County. Just this afternoon, my dogs (enclosed, fixed, vaccinated dogs!) and other neighbor dogs went berserk because there was a loose dog running around, just checking out various food bowls and having a great time. Now, I am happy that this dog had an afternoon out, but it worries me because 1)he could hurt a kid if he got scared 2) he could hurt or kill a cat, because he’s a dog 3) someone is looking for their pet 4)he could be hit by a car. I didn’t know what to do, because I did NOT want to call Animal Control, so I basically just stood on the deck until he eased on down the road. Dogs get out, no question about that, but we don’t want them put to sleep because they do! Hopefully, this pretty pup got back to his home, safe and sound!
    I’m all out of words now.

  2. We have been informed that the county does indeed have an animal control ordinance; one of our readers has obtained a copy. If you would like a copy for your own perusal, please email us and we will forward to you.

  3. The county has had an animal control ordinance since late 1993, I think. It is not a leash law. It pays the humane society to uphold the ordinance in order to keep the public from bothering the county supervisors with complaints. It mostly addresses nuisance animals.

    It would be in the best interest of all for the city and county to join together and build a new humane society which would be run properly to care for, adopt out and work with breed rescues to save as many dogs and cats as possible. Many more animals could be spared from euthanasia and a county wide program could be set up to help people get their pets spayed and neutered at a cost they could afford.

    A knowledgeable full time manager should be hired and a full time veterinarian could be on staff to make certain animals were cared for properly. A county wide humane society could offer programs for schools to teach children about animals as well as offer county wide vaccination programs. A volunteer program could be put in place for people who love animals and want to help. There could be a gift shop to help subsidize costs. Animals could be better taken care of than they ever have been in Warren County. Donations, memorials could still be taken to also subsidize costs.

    I don’t understand what the problem is between the city and county that they cannot get past their differences and work together for the good of the animals. This is about helpless animals…WE jave to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    Since the supervisors are giving away $600,000. to charities each year, why couldn’t they for at least one year just give up $300,000. of that money, along with what the city could match and help build a new Vicksburg/Warren County Animal Shelter and then commit to a certain amount, along with the city each year, to fund it for operating expense? We still couldn’t match the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, but we could do a lot better than what this county has ever had!

  4. […] unknown article is brought to you using rss feeds.Should the VWHS and the city pound merge?Here are some of the latest findings and news on holistic health care for dogs.… a bigger and better shelter to be built, adoption and spaying/neutering facilities could be added (animals are presently shipped to Jackson for euthanizing), and perhaps a veterinarian could be hired to supervise the operation. … […]

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