And your vote for president will go to…


At this point in the process of choosing the next president of the United States, the field is wide open. From liberals Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to conservatives Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson (and many others), you may choose a candidate who will come near to governing this country in a way you would find acceptable.

If the election were held tomorrow, who would get your vote? Explain why, if you like.

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  1. He may not have much recognition, or much of a chance, but I’m supporting Ron Paul. If you’re interested, here’s his website:

  2. My vote goes to:

    To whomever has the ability to lead and do what is right for America and it’s future over what their party and contributors demand.

    Unfortunately I don’t see that candidate.

    Guiliani appears to be the most likely one to recieve my vote because he has the shortest amount of time as a politician and he showed real leadership skills during 9/11. His personal life and the moral choices he has made concern me. A man of questionable moral character in personal relationships doesn’t have far to travel to make questionable moral choices as the most powerful person on the planet.

    It’s a damn shame we keep getting the lesser of any evil when it comes to the Presidency. Where is Colin Powell? Where is Ross Perot? Where is a decent and true public servant who wants to improve America and not continue the divisive red and blue tactics so well employed by those in power.

  3. Well said, David. I think some candidates aspire to be the person you describe, but once in office they realize they are in a different ballgame. The past Presidents had more support than ones now.

    People rallied behind the earlier presidents moreso than they do now. Americans appear not to be as patriotic as they once were. When 9/11 hit, the country rallied, but it didn’t last.

    The news media has had a distinct roll in tearing the country apart. Their critical and cynical reporting influences Americans into having little respect for a President or anyone else. Bad news to them is better than good news.

    I, like you, don’t see a condidate that will lead the country for the good of Americans. The decent and true public servant doesn’t want to fight the corruption and the news media. Time after time, good men and women have been forced out of office because they wouldn’t “play by the rules” of the political world. Sure, there are plenty of good people out here. Why don’t you run? I’d vote for you.

  4. Murray Sabrin on Lew wrote a piece concerning Ron Paul entitled “Is the Perfect Storm Forming for Ron Paul?” You may access it here if interested:

  5. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

  6. I am voting for Guiliani because of his success as the Mayor of New York. He reduced crime and took a negative budget and completely turned it around. Not that he is gone New York is headed down the same path as it was. Not to mention his strength and courage during 9/11.

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