County supervisors… who will get your vote?

Are you angry enough to kick them all out? Or are you so happy with them that you want them all to be reelected?

Mr. McDonald had a scare in the primaries. Will he survive in the general election? Mr. Flanders seldom agrees with the remainder of the board (which may be a plus for him?) and faces a strong challenge from former supervisor Bill Lauderdale. Mr. George presides over the board with such quiescence that his position on some issues is sometimes not clear to the public. And Mssrs. Selmon and Banks are generally on opposite ends of the spectrum when the votes are counted. The members of the board should obviously work together harmoniously so as to form a competent governing body. Are they doing so? If not, how will you cast your vote in order to assure that this objective is reached?

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  1. I would only support two of the sitting supervisors. Mr. Flanders and Mr. Banks.

    Mr. Flanders will get my vote because he is working hard at getting the county up to the 1990’s. Mr. Flanders is a good man. He wants change and has been repeatedly shot down because of his lack of understanding of how to work that system. The other members of the board are aligned against him to the point that anything he proposes is immediately shot down simply because he proposed it. The county is antiquated and horribly mislead when it comes to new technology, legal adherence and operating systems.

    Mr. Banks would get my vote because he is new to the board and deserves a chance to be heard without the overpowering guidance of Richard George.

    Mr. George is a good man. He leads that board and with all the good character and good qualities that he possesses, he simply does not embrace any forward thinking ideas. The board has no vision for the future or any desire to improve and it is lead under Mr. George. Good Sir, you are stuck on the mundane and minimal, business as usual mode.

    It is time for a leader with vision to step up in his district and introduce ideas that will protect the county and make it a desirable location for investment. As it sits now the county is mixed with lovely areas pockmarked with fire hazard homes and trash heaps. It is stuck in the 1950’s rural American landscape. It is time to move forward.

    Mr. McDonald is a good man, in my opinion the finest quality of man and character on the board. He has aligned himself with Mr. George and therefore put himself in a position that I must question his vision. If he would show some of the leadership he has I would very quickly change my vote, but since he remains a second vote to Mr. George’s whim I have to support someone else taking his spot.

    Mr. Selmon is in it for Mr. Selmon. He has political aspirations and plays to the choir. Where are the leaders of his district who are tired of the same old rhetoric and willing to make a change? Perhaps those issues that have plagued his district for the duration of his tenure will finally get some action if another person takes his spot. The constant drainage issues, the constant bayou issues and the constant verbiage instead of action are the hallmarks of his time in office. He has accomplished only one drain upgrade in his area in the past six years. All the other improvements in his area have come from city efforts. A damn shame that he chooses his career over those who vote for him.

    If those on the board see this post I hope you understand that Afraid of my Government is my name because I fear retaliation for my opinions. I believe all of you went into this with the idea of making things better. The things that changed my opinion were your handling of Mr. Flanders when he proposed change and the patching of the main crane at the harbor instead of seeing the vital need to upgrade. An idea should be assessed on its merits, not upon whoever proposed the idea. The residents of the county deserve more consideration. If Warren County is to attract new business and investments we must improve our product. The facility at Ceres Plantation has sat vacant for over 10 years and still we stay the course.

    Gentlemen, the city is moving forward, downtown is on the upswing, city roads and services are excellent while the county refuses to even adopt a simple handbook that would hold it’s employees accountable. Again, the residents of Warren County deserve to see their land value improve, their tax dollars spent on attracting investment and their employees accountable. And finally gentlemen, why do you persist in not combining efforts with the city and save tax dollars wherever we can?

    I invite you gentlemen to dispute any of the above, but since this is an election year and Mr. George has advised all of you to not engage conversation I doubt that you will. Warren County deserves to hear your opinions, not see your political horns.

  2. AOMG, do you know who is running in the general election???

  3. Carl Flanders gets my vote. He really would like to help property owners protect the value of their property. How many times have you see beautifully landscaped, well maintained properties lose their value by someone buying the land next door and proceeding to drag junk cars and dump trash all over the place? I see it and I have called the supervisors. Mr. George says there’s nothing supervisors can do… Mr Flanders says we can if the supervisors would vote for it. Will they…no. They don’t won’t to lose a vote and it might upset people. I’m ready for some regulations against junkyards on private property. Let’s keep Carl and get rid of the rest of them. He just won’t play the same “good ole boy game”.

  4. My vote is also for Carl Flanders. I watched each time Richard George and the other supervisors scoffed and shot down every suggestion he had. He was an “outsider” who dared to come into the “good ole boy” system and try and make some changes. Richard George was arrogant and rude to him and he let Flanders know he runs the show and the other supervisors followed George’s lead.

    People are tired of the good ole boy system. And I am tired of Richard George. David McDonald is a good man, but he needs to stand up to George, not cater to him. I also agree Selmon is in it for Selmon. Afraid of his government has a good head on his shoulders. Maybe he should be running for office and get some of these mealy mouth good ole boys out of there so this county can move forward. Unless we get new people with new ideas in there, we will never go any further than we are today. The supervisors need new leadership. Someone who isn’t afraid of change.

  5. I believe the question that all canidates should be address is this. I heard on state news that possibly the Ethics Commission may be branching out their investigation on conflict of interest issues in regard to Winky Freeman.

  6. Unfortunately, many voters (and many candidates) have no concept of what the elected position’s responsibilities are. I have received numerous phone calls from supervisor candidates and voters wanting to know about the job they are supposed to vote on. I never cease to be amazed at the voters’ lack of working knowledge that many seem to have.
    1. A supervisor has one vote, it takes three votes to pass an item.
    2. Three supervisors can obligate the entire county for their decisions, good or bad. How did your supervisor vote on an issue you are for or against… that is the question.
    3. The responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors do NOT include: education, social services,or other such matters.
    4. The responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors DO include responsiblity to levy taxes with certain restrictions, provide support for infrastructure (county buildings, jails and roads), economic development, law enforcement, etc. I would encourage voters and candidates to go to the Mississippi Supreme Court website and click on MS CODE. Go to 19-3-1 and begin reading.

    With all due respect to the comments previously received, I have found that while I would wish that our Board would sometimes do things they don’t, I also believe that Mr. George and Mr. McDonald are the ONLY two members of the Board who recognize the limitations of their authority and I appreciate their prudence in refusing to be a party to allocation of tax funds for things clearly outside the limitations placed on them by state law.

    Believe it or not, over 90% of the votes of the 1992-1995 Board of Supervisors were 5-0 votes…. there were a few 4-1 and a very few 3-2. The difference in that Board and this one is that only two of the Board members today have extensive experience in running a business and have other training to enhance that experience. The Board on which I served had FIVE members with college educations (two with MBAs) AND all had extensive private business experience. We worked as a team and personal politics were put aside in almost all instances for the good of the county. During our tenure, gaming came to Vicksburg and we were responsible for setting up how to utilize that new income (we committed to the use of that income through capital expenditures only, and not for the use of operating the county.) A long range road program was developed and implemented (it’s still successfully in use today)and the detention center, dhs office, mental health holding facility complex were started. The jail and the courthouse renovations were begun. We were the first Board to put the county on a business basis and hold the various departments accountable for their work and funds.

    I’m not sure what the comments about having no vision for the future mean. The Board of Supervisors operates exactly opposite of the city. The mayor and that board operate from the perspective that they can do anything except what the statutes limit. The Board of Supervisors cannot do anything unless the statutes allow it. The vision is there, it’s just not being implemented as well as it could if everyone on the Board knew what their job was and then worked WITH the rest of the Board to implement it.

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