Where do you shop?

There have been quite a number of comments regarding the shopping experience here in Vicksburg versus that in Jackson and Monroe (among others). Where do you shop, and why? If you had it within your power, what would you do to make people want to shop in Vicksburg instead of traveling to other cities?

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  1. If more options were available, more people would shop in Vicksburg. I would prefer to stay in Vicksburg to shop, but the choices are just not here. Our mall is a sad place, I miss McRae’s, if it’s not at Walmart, then where else do you look? We have no theater, so we have to go to Clinton, at least, why not drive a few more minutes to have a better selection of EVERYTHING? I love the revitalization of downtown, and yes, I do try to do lots of my shopping there, especially during the holiday season, but when it comes to everyday items, the cutest gift shop is not going to be very helpful. And it is very frustrating to get coupons for Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Hallmark, and other specialty shops, because to redeem them, YOU HAVE TO GO TO JACKSON!!! So, while you are there, you have to take advantage of the better variety of stores. And more than likely, you will run into another Vicksburger while you are there. What to do about it? I don’t know. Do I like it? Not particularly. Am I going to stop shopping in Jackson? Heck no! I will support my local stores, but going to Jackson is a nice excursion, one that I will continue to do, as long as I can.

  2. Just look at the small size Pemberton Mall. There are no high end retailers for example. I love shopping at the Dogwood Plaza becouse it has a Border Books,in Ridgeland I like the Barnes and Noble with Starbucks. Also since I’ve traveled to Texas like Tyler and San Antonio,I shopped in the RiverCenter and that’s thriving like the Jackson MetroCenter. Also have any of you noticed that Malls in Jackson,Madison Rigeland are undergoing Rennanianse.
    Also a finger should be pointed at our so called business leaders in the Chamber of Commerce; oh how come they can’t attract a high end business. Example look at the Fisher Ferry Station behind Wallgreens. Quiznos pulled out becouse it wasn’t ready. The reason money has moved out of her CBL hasn’t brought in a resonable high end retailer. High rent doesn’t attract business; also why not ask the teens why they go to movie in Jackson over than Vicksburg. They’ll tell you. If you look at this town retail business histoy u will find that it’s real weak. It hasn’t been shored up and those of us here want real competition not something cosmetic. Also high prices in gas,real estate are going to half to go. This port,frankly hasn’t made itself globely competive. And a new marketing study should be done.

  3. I have to agree with some of the above posts. We have been in town almost 3 years now and we absolutely love it. The hospitality is great and for us, the real estate, taxes, city services and business climate are excellent. EXCELLENT. We moved here from a large metropolis and the tax burden, governmental services and mass of humanity are all overwhelmed in those large urban areas. Vicksburg does not appreciate how unique or lucky it is.

    If you have lived in Vicksburg all of your life you probably have a natural inclination to shop elsewhere because that is what has always been done. We too sometimes go to Jackson for shopping and dining, but it is a rare event. We have found in Vicksburg everything we need or want. We even vacation at a Bed and Breakfast or Casino Hotel for a break.

    The Pemberton Mall is certainly a disappointment. The movie theater issue is a disappointment, but honestly we love buying a movie and watching it for the first time at home. I don’t have to see a new release immediately and the comfort level at home is much greater than any movie theater, anywhere.

    I challenge you to take a new look at Vicksburg, as if you were a new arrival and find some of the hidden treasures here. You will be surprised at the quality of retailers and the dining options available here.

    The other side of that coin is that if we spent the bulk of our entertainment or retail dollars in Jackson we are actually hurting our economy and contributing to the decline of available shopping options in Vicksburg. The price of driving to Jackson, the time it takes and the congestion in Jackson are all things we moved away from to get here. I may be able to save a few dollars by going to Jackson but in the long run my new town is a better value and I feel good about supporting my town financially.

  4. Well, we haven’t been able to go to Jackson as much as we have in the past. The majority of the time that we go, it is to a doctor, so we try to “make a day of it” while we are there. I personally would love a theater that would not show new releases, only open on the weekend, with a lower price. That would be fabulous! There are very few movies that I have to see when they first come out, except Harry Potter or the Simpsons!! Thank goodness for Hwy 61 coffee shop, my downtown living room! Since the Prize Patrol has yet to come to my front door, shopping is not an option very often, so going there, hanging out, visiting with weird, I mean odd,uh,I mean “interesting”, people, that is most enjoyable. It really cheers us up on bad days, plus the coffee is excellent!
    But I would like Bath and Body Works, at least, to come back to our mall!!! And a good health food store, similar to Rainbow Foods in Jackson, would be great here. There are enough health savvy people in this town that I think that it would be a success. And get to work on the new Kroger! Don’t just let the sign say it is coming soon, and then it never happens! And that’s the whole deal with Vicksburg, there is all the talk about new businesses, new ideas, and it never happens!! If they build it, WE WILL PATRONIZE IT!!
    Okay, I’ve said enough, for the moment.

  5. I’m just throwing this out there, but if someone reading this has a pick up truck that he just got this past summer, and lives pretty close to me, I have a couch that needs to be moved, and a couch that needs to be brought here. I’m just sayin’…….

  6. There is very little in Vicksburg to shop for. The local retailers could not sell the same stuff Wal-Mart does at a profit so they just quit! (Duh!) I never understood why they did not try to sell things Wal-Mart doesn’t have! For example, in the 1960’s there were 5 stores in Vicksburg where I could buy shoes; now there are none! (The one-size-fits-all garbage Wal-Mart sells will not fit me.)
    Look at Monroe; not much larger than Vicksburg, nowhere near the access (major river, rail, etc.) but they are about as good as Jackson at providing retail options. We shop there several times a year. Customer service in Vicksburg is also generally quite poor; sales people are generally ignorant of their products.
    One experience I had which is an example of the silly mindset Vicksburg retailers have: I was in a store in Dallas ready to purchase some musical equipment. I took the time and trouble to telephone a store in Vicksburg to see if they wished to sell the items at the same price. Now the Vicksburg store did not have the items in stock, they would have to order them from their supplier (same one as for the Dallas store.) Note: no overhead costs (floor planning, etc.), guaranteed sale, cost to business: one telephone call and the associated time. The cost of doing business for a store in Dallas is/was far higher than that in Vicksburg; the Dallas store had the items in stock (and money tied up in them). Yet the Dallas store could sell me the items for less than the Vicksburg store? The Vicksburg store could have sold the items for the cost of a telephone call plus $5.00 (plus shipping) and they would have cleared $5.00! (I would have paid much more even up to the price the Dallas store was asking! I also would have not minded the shipping delay time.)
    Vicksburg retailers need to learn how to compete!

  7. Richard that’s right. These local retailers believe whe’re so beholden to them. Look at the CBL Pemberton Mall and how its detirated. Worst high rent has chase away businesses. And here’s another fact these local retailers can’t deal with real change and with the internet shopping etc. Also Vicksburg has the reputation as the “place that doesn’t have anything.” That is something they don’t get. In my opinion they have a lot to learn to about actual competion.

  8. I recently decided to purchase a LCD TV. Shopping on the internet I found some very good deals on the set I had picked out. Interestingly enough, talking to the folks at the local Sears store, I was able to get the local price to near the internet price. It may take a little effort on the buyer’s part, but reasonable prices can be had in Vicksburg. The real advantage is that you have a local person with an interest in helping you if something goes wrong. I try to buy locally if the local stores will be reasonable.

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