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Mississippi law prohibits local governments from giving your tax dollars to charity. Yet the Warren County Board of Supervisors, through a procedure requiring legislative approval, has budgeted and plans to donate over $600,000 of your taxes to various charities. No doubt the charities need the money and will make good use of it; but the law against such donations was intended to prevent local governments from using public revenue for such discretionary purposes. Is this an appropriate use of your tax dollars? Would you prefer your tax bill be reduced rather than tax revenues being given to an ever-growing list of charities? Your comments are invited.

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  1. I would prefer tax dollars to be used for what the taxpayers want it to be used for.

  2. The volunteer fire departments in the county share a total $75,000. With the $600,000 applied to the fire service we could have two full time paid crews in the county.

  3. I am never surprised at the county board. They are all good men but they appear to be stuck on minimum.

    With the progress the city has made you would think the county would wise up. Poor Mr. McDonald, he got a real scare this past election. Mr. Flanders got his job on the basis of not being the establishment (and a fluke in the election process).

    It will be interesting to see if all these rumblings make a difference in November or if our little village will continue to do what it feels is safe.

  4. I’m generally opposed to tax dollars being used for charity. A law was passed to prevent such, and for a very good reason, but our supervisors have found a way to circumvent the law. Our taxes should be used for the benefit of the citizenry, not whatever group of individuals or organizations the supervisors decide upon at their whim. One has to admit, however, that the abuse shelters, etc., function almost as governmental agencies, and if they were not performing what can only be described as very necessary functions, government would probably have to take over the responsibility. Perhaps the answer is better oversight of the such decisions by non-political parties.

  5. I would ask those commenting about “charity” funding by the Board of Supervisors to be more specific…. which charities? Which Supervisors voted for it? Remember 3 supervisors can do anything they want to a point. The funding of the volunteer fire departments is not a “charitable” funding but one of infrastructure…. the abuse shelter(s) function as private non-profits. They have boards and must raise monies…. if they serve the public and meet certain criteria that enable them to provide a service that the county otherwise might have to, then consideration of tax support may be appropriate, if they do not, then the county should not be in the business of financially supporting it. i.e. the county provides funding to Red Cross for veterans affairs work…. if they didn’t, the county would have to provide it themselves. The Red Cross can do it better and more inexpensively.

  6. Petesy, I agree with you 100% – private organizations can handle much more eficiently those needs that would otherwise have been required of the county. Now, if we could just find private organizations to take over more of their responsibilities…

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