Mexican truckers on US highways…

Apparently Mexican trucks and truck drivers will soon be allowed free access to all parts of the United States, even though safety and security issues have perhaps been inadequately addressed (or publicized) by the Bush administration. Interstate highway 20 is a major east-west thoroughfare that runs through Vicksburg and which will no doubt see its share of such commerce. How it will affect us is anybody’s guess. Care to comment?


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  1. Dozens of people died when a trailer-truck loaded with highly flammable chemicals exploded in a road accident in northern Mexico, Mexican media reported on Monday.;_ylt=AnbSSDdoXHUzBpJC9YDmY.wE1vAI

  2. NAFTA strikes again. The timing of this decision worries me. Homeland Security must be going crazy over the development. The Border Patrol will have to inspect each vehicle and it’s cargo to ensure safety. Are the drivers trained and qualified? Are the vehicles inspected and safe as the ones currently in North America? Have we opened the door for an influx of ill intended individuals?

    All of these issues, plus the additional traffic concern me. One must question the wisdom of our current Federal government in making this decision.

    Since this is America you have to ask, who is making the money off this one?

  3. dont we have enough mexicans filing though OUR town already

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