Noise… does it bother you?

A letter-to-the-editor in Sunday’s Vicksburg Post highlighted problems faced by residents along National and Polk Streets with vehicles that are so noisy they “could cause severe medical conditions to occur in some of the older, frailer neighbors. Racing hearts and climbing blood pressure are two conditions that might arise…”

The aggravation caused by vehicles with illegal (or no) mufflers (or the “honky-tonks-on-wheels”) has been broached many times by this writer in letters to and conversations with Police Chief Tommy Moffett. Residents in the downtown neighborhoods, like those on Polk and National Streets, are subjected to extreme noise levels from cars, trucks, and motorcycles (especially) that wake them during the night or otherwise disturb and anger them at all other hours. Although the inconsiderate people who operate these vehicles are obvious lawbreakers, Moffett and the VPD will not to take action against them.

Your experiences and/or suggestions are invited. Why does Moffett refuse to crack down on these lawbreakers? Is the problem county- and city-wide? Have you complained to the police or sheriff’s departments? What has been your experience?


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  1. Yes, I, too, read that letter to the editor about the traffic on National/Polk Street. It is frightening to even try to cross the street, sometimes, too, because I know these dragsters would never be able to stop in time. And for us old, frail folk, it is quite a start to hear them rev up their engines, right by the house, which they do at all hours, day and night. I understand that the author of the letter may be a guest on the Klondyke radio program soon. Maybe then we can actually hear his thoughts on the noise situation. From what I understand, he and the host can be quite the characters!! It should make for a lively show!! (uh, I understand his wife is just lovely)

  2. His wife is lovely, and she runs a nice restaurant too.

  3. HAH!!! Also, the wife of the author of the letter to the editor is quite the “bee’s knees”.
    Bo Diddley had his heart attack while exercising. Yes, he was doing “Diddley squats”. (when I get a joke, I can’t let it go!)

  4. I used to live in a neighborhood across from Hamilton Heights and we had to complain often to the police department about the noises from their sound system at one particular house late at night. Sometimes the police responded, sometimes they didn’t. Since then, I moved so that settled that complaint!

    However, I am still very annoyed by some white and black teenagers and mostly young black men who continue to blast our ears out with their car doors wide open or windows down at service stations with their radios blasting out obscene rap “so called” music which I find quite offensive. I never see anyone from the stores or the police department tellilng them to turn them down.

    God forbid Terrance Judge decides this is a racial issue because if the people driving the cars were purple, I would still complain!!

  5. This is not just a problem on National Street. The loud mufflers (and music)are very active in Belle Meade, Woodlands, and along Porter’s Chapel Road. High speed is customary along Porter’s Chapel as well as 4 wheelers, particularly right after a rain. There was a kid riding down Porter’s Chapel standing up on the seat of a 4 wheeler recently. I bet his parents will want to sue someone if that little darling gets hit though. There are some leaving Belle Meade that are so loud that you can stand there in the subdivision and tell when they turn on to Indiana, cross the Interstate, and still hear them accelerate onto the Interstate (2 miles away). If we must listen to them for 2 miles, I don’t understand why the police can’t ever hear them.

  6. What makes me so mad, John, is that the police dept. will do nothing. I’ve talked to and written Chief Moffett repeatedly, yet he refuses to enforce the law. We are regularly wakened by the motorcycles and cars/trucks without mufflers, plus jumping out of our skin during the day at the all-too-often cacophony outside our apartment. Moffett is the problem.

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