The race for District Attorney: your most important vote?

Much has already been written in this blog about the race for DA, but more needs to be said. If you think the safety of you and your family is your number one priority, then you may consider your vote for District Attorney this coming November as the most important vote you will cast. The two candidates, Gil Martin, the incumbent, and Richard “Ricky” Smith, furnished opposing styles and views during the David Day/Larry Gawronski radio show “Live at the Klondyke” broadcast on WVBG 1490 AM Thursday and Friday mornings. If you heard the show, you were treated to a lively discussion about local crimes and punishments. Your voice needs to be heard as well, for only through a thorough discussion of the candidates views, their records, and their plans for approaching the duties of the office can you make an intelligent decision come November.


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  1. This one race is why I have my name. If ever Vicksburg needed to study the facts about their canidates this race is it.

  2. Very passionate letter-to-the-editor in Sunday’s Vicksburg Post regarding Mr. Martin.

  3. I would urge all voters who believe as I do that the DA’s race is the most important single race this county has this year to talk to the candidates and ask them about the job, what they have done or not done or what they plan to do if elected or re-elected. As a family law attorney who is active in the domestic violence, child neglect and abuse, elder abuse, and felony child support legal arena, I would ask about the candidates about the prosecutorial activity of the DA’s office in those areas over the past 10 years or even less.

    You may have an area of particular interest different from this… ask specific questions and insist on specific answers.

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