Leyens & Beauman and… retaliation – followup

A headline article in the Vicksburg Post (8/21) stated that a final deal is near in fireman James Montgomery’s suit against the city. As you may recall, Montgomery was suspended and demoted by Mayor Laurence Leyens and Alderman Sid Beauman (Alderman Mayfield disagreed) after he wrote a “letter-to-the-editor” (published in the Post) critical of the city administration. The Post article went on to state that “…the public will not be allowed access to any information, including the amount of any monetary damages awarded.”

This suit will cost the city taxpayers some amount of money. Based on the fact that a settlement is being agreed to by the city (implying acknowledgement of guilt), and Montgomery’s lawyer is “very pleased” with the settlement, one would assume that the amount of money to be paid Montgomery is substantial. That said, why can’t the public be allowed to share in the details? Is it that bad? Can the public request the details through the freedom-of-information act? Since the suit was a result of Leyen’s and Beauman’s apparently illegal actions against Montgomery, should they offer to participate in the payment of the settlement? Leyens has said that he wanted the case to just “go away.” But it hasn’t, and the citizens of Vicksburg will likely suffer the consequences of his and Beauman’s actions.

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  1. The biggest mistake that has been made in this court case is the fact that public will not have public aceess. Becouse it gives the perception that Leyens and his cronies have something hide. I suspect this is going to blowup in the Leyen’s administration face and it might bring out the wrath those who work in the city. Keeping damages secret from the Public doesn’t serve the public; for the coverup is worst than the crime. Now how will Leyens and Beauman explain themselves out of this one?

  2. How can the information on the suit and the damages be sealed if we, the taxpayers, are the ones paying the damages? It seems to me we need to know how much we’re paying out and the details of the suit for which we are involved–since our elected officials are sited in the litigation. Ouch, could some of our lovely casino cash stash be paid out to damages for this suit? What personal liability do the elected officials have? What recourse does the citizenry have? Is there a knowledgeable attorney out there who can shed some light on this?

  3. Todd this paticular case requires a lot more exposure now from local stations end in my opinion. U maybe onto something too. Especially the fact this has been sealed from the public and taxpayers.

  4. Mayor Leyens will be on the local live talk radio show Live at the Klondyke this Thursday from 7:30 to 9:00 am, 1490 AM, WVBG.

  5. If my taxes are paying for this lawsuit settlement caused by Leyens and Beauman, I think I have a right to know all the particulars and I don’t see how it is legal to keep it from the taxpayers.

    “Since the suit was a result of Leyen’s and Beauman’s apparently illegal actions against Montgomery, should they offer to participate in the payment of the settlement?” as per the author. I think they should, but of course they won’t. Leyen’s is all about himself and Beauman is his “yes” man.

    So, does anyone know how the citizens go about suing the Mayor and Beauman to get our taxpayer money back since they don’t mind raising their salaries whenever they decide to?

  6. You have got it sooooo right… “Leyen’s is all about himself and Beauman is his “yes” man.”

  7. Now the real hard question that should be addressed to Laurence Leyens why do this settlement in secret? What are u hiding? Also we should involve some of the local tv stations out of Jackson on this issue. Afterall what is Leyens hiding? Why does he hide so much?

  8. Chuck, that answer is simple. Leyen’s is either afraid or ashamed to let people know! He thinks he can do no wrong and even though he and Beauman lost this lawsuit, he still thinks he was right and has made the statement that he plans to take away the city employee’s right to comment on political issues. Again, we have tyranny, not democracy.

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