Newt Gingrich: third-party candidate for president?

If ever there was an election cycle where a third-party candidate stood a reasonably good chance of being elected, the present one is it. Americans nationwide are extremely dissatisfied with the performance of both congress and the president, with both Democrats and Republicans. Though he has not announced his intentions, Newt Gingrich might enter the presidential race as a Republican… or as an independent? Either way, should he do so, Gingrich, one of the most intelligent and staunchly conservative people in politics, would cause quite a realignment among the ranks of likely voters. He has published a number of short videos on Youtube that reveal his positions on illegal aliens, the war in Iraq, and other issues of consequence to our country. The following is one of them; others may be found on the Youtube site.

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  1. Newt would split the Republican vote and ensure the Dems win the White House. Good Lawd, not Hillary!

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