Developments in the Tillman case

The operator of the New Orleans Cafe, Timothy Tillman, was arrested last Wednesday morning and served with felony sales of narcotics indictments. It has been reported that following the arrest a search of the trunk of Tillman’s car turned up a number of signs promoting the reelection of District Attorney Gil Martin. You may draw your own conclusions as to their significance.

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  1. It’s Timothy Tillmans brother that has always supported Gil Martin. He (Timothy’s brother) is a good person with no criminal record. There are a million reasons why those signs might have been in that man’s trunk. I’m not sure why you would want to suggest something like this about our DA. Do you know him personally? I do, and it sounds to me like you need to get to know him and learn something. Where exactly did you get this information from anyway? Sounds like it came from a source that could lose their job for running their mouth and possibly help lose a case. Is that what you wan’t? Whose side are you on?

  2. Maybe he was stealing the signs…

    This forum just lost a little credibility.

  3. VS has reexamined this posting and tends to agree that its wording has unintentionally implied partiality. It has therefore been revised to eliminate that error. If nothing else, Vicksburg Speaks will be impartial in its posts, and allow the commenters to be as impartial as they want. In this way, we hope to assure its credibility. As far as the contents of the post, we made the decision to share the information with you. We would have been remiss if we had not.

  4. I do not know Gil Martin. I do know Tommy Moffitt is very unhappy with Gil. Tommy claim Gil makes too many deals and people who commit drug crimes are back on the street in no time. Martin Pace says he works well with Gil and has no problem. Maybe Martin, Tommy and Gil could sit down and work out a viable solution for the benefit of Vicksburg.

    The signs being in the back of this persons vehicle could be innocent, but sure doesn’t pass the smell test.

    I am concerned about the rumors swirling around Gil for reelection. The ‘inside’ folks say he is going to retire if reelected and will give the office to one of his assistant DA’s. There may be nothing to this, but if it does come to fruition it would say volumes about the character of Mr. Martin. Shouldn’t he announce he is retiring and let the voters decide who the next DA will be?

  5. That’s not the only rumor going around about Mr. Martin. I won’t repeat any of them because they’re unsubstantiated, but if we remember the old adage “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” we might suspect there was a bit of monkey business regarding all those suspended sentences and dropped cases. Some members of the VPD certainly have some strong words for Mr. Martin. He really needs to publicly explain and give good, logical reasons why convicted felons in Warren County can have 5 – 10 convictions and still be free and out committing more crimes.

  6. “Christine Said:
    It’s Timothy Tillmans brother that has always supported Gil Martin. He (Timothy’s brother) is a good person with no criminal record.”

    I agree. Wish I could choose my family members so they wouldn’t be a pain in my side.

    David Said:
    “I do not know Gil Martin. I do know Tommy Moffitt is very unhappy with Gil…..Martin Pace says he works well with Gil and has no problem.”

    Hummmmm, you must not be from here, and neither is Moffett. Pace and Gil are both livelong residents, Moffett is just stirring up crapola for some unknown reason. Maybe Moffett planted the signs in Tillman’s car since he had complete access to Tillman and the car. Hummmmmmm.

    David also said and Allred commented that…
    “he (Gil) is going to retire if reelected and will give the office to one of his assistant DA’s.”

    Wouldn’t that be cool. A DA appointing his successor without the Governor’s approval. WOW!! It’s people like you two that keep the Police and DA in business. Just plain stupid.
    Only the Governor can appoint a DA is one retires, resigns or dies. That happened here in the late 80’s, one resigned, his ADA was hoping the Democrap Governor was going to appoint him, but oops, he appoints another attorney in town.

    Allred said.
    “…logical reasons why convicted felons in Warren County can have 5 – 10 convictions and still be free and out committing more crimes.”

    Call you Senators and Representatives and tell them to change the laws. If someone is sentenced to serve 10 years, make them serve 10 years, not 80% or 50% of the 10 years because of prison overpopulation. What’s the point of the 10 years. Build more prisons and employ our unployed.
    What criminals do you have in mind? Or is that just “what you heard”.

    Get you facts straight guys.
    Love the board.

  7. OK, Concerning these rumors about Gil retiring mid-term if he were to be re-elected, that is just a rumor. After this four years, yes, retirement is probably in the cards. Concerning the rumor that he would hand over his position to one of his assistants if said rumor was true, that is impossible. Only the Governor can do that. He (the Governor) would have to either appoint an interim DA or hold a special election to decide who would be put in that position. People who start rumours should check their Civics textbook. He has to work within the law, the ones that the legislators we voted for make. He also has to work with the evidence and facts he is given. We all have the same rights under the law whether you are a piece of crap or a God-fearing, law-abiding person. Just because we want someone to be put under the jail does not make it possible to do so, under the law. My word may not be anything to you but I know Mr Martin is of noble character and so do many people that do know him, work with him, and support him. Rumours, and negative campaigning are never the right way to go. I’m pretty sure every one of you reading this has had a rumour started about yourself that had no basis in fact. They are always started by nasty people that are only thinking of what they may gain by spreading it.

  8. It’s not nice to call someone “stupid,” Ewe. Would I call you stupid just because the grammar, spelling and sentence structure in your comment needs attention? No. Never. And by the way – I never agreed or disagreed with the comment about Mr. Martin’s replacement upon “retirement.”

    Now: Take a look at Mr. Martin’s (and others) comment here…

    wherein he cites numerous indictments, convictions and prison sentences for several criminals. These people (and others) have been arrested over and over again, yet they’re still out there committing crimes. Mr. martin is primarily responsible for pursuing indictments, etc., and it is his recommendations that the judges and grand juries listen to before making decisions regarding indictments, dropping of or pursuit of lesser charges, length of prison terms, etc. etc. The police department has complained mightily that his office in many cases will not go forward with prosecution of suspects after they have built what they consider a sufficiently meritorious case against them. Mr. martin, I’m sure, is a very fine person, but the onus is his to protect the public – and as long as repeat offenders that he’s let off the hook are out there killing, raping and robbing, he deserves the heat that’s being put on him to improve his performance.

  9. Isn’t this nice.

    Ewe, keep it above a grade school level and avoid the personal attacks. It will give you credibility.

    Suggesting Mr. Moffett planted the signs indicates to me a lack of analytical process on your part. The signs were there, why not address that issue?

    Being from here should not be an issue when it comes to doing what is best for the public. We should all work together regardless of our background. Would you agree?

    In the real world the DA will choose his successor. This Republican Governor is just going to rubber stamp it. Be real. But since none of us have a crystal ball let’s see what happens. If the rumor is just that then it will lay there. If not then you have some crow to eat.

    The number of convicted drug felons who basically walk free is disproportionately high in Mr. Martins arena.
    There are a number of factors that contribute to this that include the amount of docket space and the DA’s attitude towards drug crimes. To suggest Mr. Martin is somehow benefiting from this is wrong. I do not think that and whomever does should be assumed to be of dubious character or intent. If there is something there then it is an issue for the FBI, not Vicksburg Speaks.

    But let’s address the real issue. Why are there so many rumors swirling about Mr. Martin? Why are people suspicious of his intent? Why are there so many convicted felons who do not face serious time?

    Those are real issues. If people have lost faith in the DA is will come to fruition at election time.

  10. Not to beat a dead horse, because it seems that the conspiracy theory of the DA’s office has been sufficiently proven to be nothing more than hearsay and baseless information that really didn’t deserve any initial attention to begin with.

    My final thoughts are this:

    1. It seems that the information must have come from an inside source of the police department. This concerns me. What other information may have been divulged which will jeopardize a conviction

    2. I have to wonder why Martin Pace and his agency have no issues with the DA and the conviction rate, while Tommy Moffet and his department can’t get the same results. I don’t want to throw stones, but it isn’t the DA that gathers information as evidence to use for prosecutions. It is the law enforcement agencies.

    Keep in mind, I’m not “in the know” with the police department. I am only surmizing.

    3. People walking the streets with multiple convictions has absolutley nothing to do with the DA. It would seem that the DA’s office performed their duties. Don’t blame Gil Martin or the office of the DA for a failing system. He can only prosecute within the law. I’m certain it would be demoralizing for the DA to get a conviction and the convict does not serve a sentence that fit the crime.

    4. Lastly, I’m certain that this thread was initially created as a smear campaign against Gil Martin. I meant it when I said this forum lost credibility. I would feel the same way if the thread indicated the signs of Ricky Smith or anyone else.

  11. Gil Martin will be on “Live at the Klondyke” Thursday 8am to 9 am. Ricky Smith will be on Friday, same time.

    1490 AM

  12. Vicksburg Speaks
    Re: Developments in the Tillman case

    About the signs: Joe Tillman, brother of Tim, has helped me in past campaigns and is helping me in this one. I gave him some yard signs to put out. He borrowed his brother’s car, and left some signs in the trunk. Joe is my friend. I have never met Tim Tillman. I presented the case against Tim Tillman to the July Grand Jury and he was indicted. The indictment was secret meaning Tim Tillman had not yet been arrested. The indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury July 27, 2007. Tim Tillman was arrested August 9, 2007. No one gets special consideration. Joe understands this. He expects that I shall do my job.
    David expressed concern about “rumors” from “inside folks” that I was going to give up the office after election. This is not true. I have never told anyone this and have no intention of retiring mid term. I agree that would be unfair to the voters. Furthermore if there is a vacancy in the District Attorney’s Office the District Attorney has no say about a successor. Vacancies are filled by the Governor and/or special election.
    Malcolm questioned suspended sentences and convicted felons with 5 -10 convictions being free. Suspended sentences by law are only available to first offenders in non-violent, non-drug sale cases. No previously convicted person can receive a suspended sentence. I know of no one who has 5-10 convictions who is at large. Give me a name and I’ll check it out. This is another baseless rumor. The Post reported that drug dealer Michael Tyler had 15 arrests. Our records showed only 6 and that he was sentenced to the penitentiary 3 seperate times.
    I am not soft on drug crimes. To date in 2007 we have convicted 46 persons for possession of drugs and have convicted 14 people of sale of drugs all of whom are serving time in prison. One person received a 30 year sentence. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. If you want the truth, call me at 601-636-7084.

  13. That’s what I want to hear!

    Way to go Gil. It’s an election year and you need to keep doing this, don’t let rumors take hold and address the suspect issues with facts.

  14. Thank you so much for the clarifications, District Attorney Martin! Apparently there are a couple of people who are rumor mongers and love to start circulating lies and innuendos. It’s great to have a straight shooter in the DA’s office. Clean, concise, honest, ethical. Gil Martin is exactly who we need to keep in the DA’s office!

    I was beginning to have second thoughts about the shovel I carry in my trunk. Yikes, someone might insinuate that I bury bodies!

  15. Yesterday’s Post had a headline describing another murder in Vicksburg. Police Chief Tommy Moffett said about the two suspects in the shooting, “They’ve both been arrested a number of times…” The Post also had (page A2) a “court report” in which a burglar was given “six years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, which will be suspended if he completes drug court,” and another in which a drug felon “… was sentenced by Vollor to 10 years in the custody of the MDOC, with one year and one day to serve…,” and another person guilty of possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana “… was sentenced by Vollor to three years in the custody of the MDOC with no years to serve…” These examples seem to be the rule, not the exception. Criminals have little to fear from the local justice system, so why should they behave? Whether it’s Judge Vollor’s fault, or DA Gil Martin’s fault, or the Warren Co. Sheriff’s Dept.’s fault, or the VPD’s fault, or a combination of all of them, the justice system in Warren County seems to be too lax, allowing criminals to commit more crimes rather than preventing them.

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