Trent Lott and the Fairness Doctrine

Conservative radio talk show helped bury the immigration bill; our own Senator Trent Lott was infuriated. After a pummeling by the radio show hosts, he complained that “talk radio is running America.” And he suggested a remedy – bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which would force broadcasters to provide more political balance on the nation’s airwaves. His comments were quickly branded “absurd” by conservative talk show hosts. They made the point that if liberal talk worked, it would be on the air, and point to failure of Air America and other liberal talk shows.

“Unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way,” California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on a recent Sunday television talk show.

But talk show hosts have found plenty of friends in Washington. Sen. Jon Kyl, an Arizona Republican, said any attempt to revive the Fairness Doctrine “ought to be dead on arrival.” “Some Democrats may not like talk radio, but that does not give them the right to use the heavy hand of government to regulate it,” he said

Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas said the Fairness Doctrine would “effectively and dangerously mandate what can and cannot be said.”

Connie Mack of Florida called it “a left-wing idea that only the likes of self-proclaimed communist Hugo Chavez could love. Just as we’ve seen the systematic elimination of a free and independent media in Chavez’s Venezuela, some Democrats in Congress want to impose their own type of `check’ on our free and independent media in the Untied States.”

Unlike the old days when the Fairness Doctrine was deemed necessary, the public now has access to a broad array of choices to get other political views, including the Internet, cable television, satellite radio and newspapers.

Interesting views regarding the debate include those in Worldnetdaily, a Chris Wallace interview, and Maggie’s Notes.

With his stand on the immigration bill and his support for the Fairness Doctrine, Senator Lott has alienated many Mississippi voters. How do you feel about it?

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  1. I think all this talk about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine and government forcing broadcasters to put content on the airways is an extremely bad idea. There was a reason Washington decided to do away with it and the only thing different now is who is in control of congress. If consumers wanted to listen to liberal radio I guarantee you that radio stations would put it on, I’ve done some work with the NAB and that is simply smart business. But I think that in the end government attempting to trump consumer choice is ultimately a loser, and Washington will figure that out in the end. I hope that in the end the majority of Sen. Lott’s motivation on this issue is that he is merely sore about the immigration issue and not against free markets, does anyone else see this differently?

  2. I agree with your comments. But I’m so disillusioned with Lott that I don’t think I’ll ever vote for him again – that is, unless a left-wing Demon-crat is his opponent.

  3. I’m all for talk radio. Especially on a local level.

  4. Perhaps trent lott wouldn’t be so pro (illegal)immigration,if he was relaced by an illegal alien who would do twice the work he does,for half the price.

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