Election Tuesday is four days away

Next Tuesday, August 7, is the date for primary elections. Local races will include candidates for County Supervisor, Senate, House of Representatives, District Attorney, etc., while state-wide we will make our choices known for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Attorney General, etc. Many of you have already decided who will get your vote, while others may not have taken the time to acquaint themselves with the candidates’ records and opinions. Which group do you fall in? For those of you who have made your decisions, consider sharing them, along with the reasons why you made that decision. For those who have not, you may want to ask for an opinion from others who read the blog.


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  1. Mike Chaney for Insurance Commissioner. I’m not sure about Public Service Commissioner – anyone have an opinion? The Board of Supervisors needs a shakeup, and we’ve got enough lawyers already in the legislature – they ought to outlaw lawyers running for anything anyway. Lester Spell probably blew it with the beef plant fiasco, so one of the other candidates has a good shot at the Ag job. Good ole Haley for Governor, and Phil Bryant for Lt. Governor. Anyone have an opinion on Secretary of State? Hosemann?

  2. There have already been some comments regarding the county supervisor races. They are here:


  3. Malcolm, in answer to your post, I think Delbert Hosemann is a great choice. I think he is a CPA in addition to being an attorney. I know some people who are campaigning really hard for him. Personally, I met him years ago and was really impressed with him. I listened to the speech he made at the Neshoba County Fair (on TV, too hot to attend!) and decided to vote for him. Plus that Delbert commercial is too cute!

  4. Is that his real mother in the commercial? Whatever, it’s a winner. BTW, I think I was wrong to pick Phil Bryant as Lt. Gov. in my comment above – Charlie Ross seems to be the more conservative candidate. And the NRA backs Ross (according to his ads), so how could one vote for anyone else?

  5. I think I read that’s an actress! I think the NRA often backs more than one candidate, so I wouldn’t discard Phil Bryant yet. . .at least not without finding out. I think the NRA asks a set of questions and based on the answers will give a thumbs up or thumbs down, so they may give approval to more than one. . .at least that’s what my lifetime NRA member/husband says.

  6. Well, the primary is done, and John Arnold put a scare into David McDonald. My choice for Senator, Chester Masterson, lost. I don’t know Hopson, but he’s a lawyer, and that ain’t good. If he goes on to win the seat, I just hope he doesn’t become part of the good-ole-boys-ole-miss-lawyer caucus that has kept Mississippi at number 50 for so long. Our former Senator and Representative were among the best we’ve ever had. One has a BS from Mississippi State, the other is a doctor. We’ll miss them. They were in the legislature purely because they had the best interests of the people in mind. I hope the same can be said of Hopson four years from now. Charles Selmon won, and afterwards, while he was celebrating and partying at the New Orleans Cafe, it’s owner was being sought on drug charges. Mike Chaney won the Repub. Insurance Comm. spot. Great! But Lester Spell took the Ag. Comm. race. Not so great. Alex Monsour beat out Ryan Sadler, another lawyer/lobbyist yearning to be a politician. And Ricky Smith will go on to challenge Gil Martin. The people have spoken. Let’s hope they knew what they were talking about.

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