How safe are our bridges?

The collapse of a major bridge in Minneapolis has no doubt caused some concern locally about the integrity of the two bridges spanning the river here at Vicksburg. What is the structural rating of our two bridges? Have they been inspected by the Federal commission responsible for such? Has the shifting of the piers, or the damage to the roadway surface of the old bridge, caused it to be in danger? What would be the liability of the county or of KCS Railroad should a catastrophe occur? Comments appreciated.

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  1. With the old bridge an accident can happen. Why? Just last winter it had been hit by an oil barge which made national news. Now this old bridge is more of a liability than anything else. U know some here want to make a bridgep park out of this liability? With the right amount of tonnage of a barge this bridge could come down. U know the ratiings of both bridges hasn’t been discussed. Nor has the bridge commission brought the federal rating issues up. But the old bridge has been hit more by barges so how is it strutural intergrity? But to put a bridgepark on this liablity is honestly an accident waiting to happen. But the Fed ratings on both bridges need to come to light.

  2. Following comment received via email from County Supervisor Carl Flanders:

    The majority of your questions are best answered by our Bridge Superintendent, Herman Smith. His phone number is 636-0881. His e-mail is My response to question #3 is the shifting of piers is always undesirable. At the same time, how much and under what catalyst(s) they have shifted will determine their danger level. I know of no damage to our roadway surface. The fourth question is that, should a catastrophic event occur, our insurance should cover any liability incurred. Insurance questions are best answered by the superintendent also. Mr. Smith is very knowledgeable. Please let me know if I can help further.


    Carl Flanders

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