Sign your real name?

One peruser of VS has suggested that the signing of a commenters real (complete) name might add more meaning to the comment. As you know, you are free to use any moniker you like. You might, however, keep the  suggestion in mind for those comments where your are willling to identify yourself.

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  1. Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  2. On line talk

    If you live in Vicksburg and have a business there I would urge everyone that uses this board to use a nick name. The internet is like a tattoo parlor once you say something its just like having a tattoo it will stay out there in cyberspace forever. Im very experienced in this as you know I have a very big mouth!

    Preston Reuther
    PS and dont use my name im in enough trouble


    I have had an on line business since 1997. Have had my own BB and have posted on Bulletin Boards such as this (and this is a good one by the way hats off to Malcolm) and posted thousands of things on all different kinds of subjects.

    But this is the only board where people are actually terrified to use there own name for fear of repercussions by King Lawrence Leyens and his crew of puppets. I think, not sure but think things will only start to change when you get this greedy developer out of there and get someone that is concerned about the welfare of the people and not his on personal interest.

    Preston Reuther

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