Vicksburg’s veterinarians – what’s your experience?

This writer had a disturbing experience with a local veterinarian regarding care of a sick pet this past weekend. The most glaring offense was the lack of compassion displayed by the doctor for the sick animal; he instead exhibited what could best be described as “heartless disregard.” The bill he presented – over $200.00 – was considered by this writer to be excessive, especially considering the paltry benefit provided. Worst of all, however, nothing was done to improve the pet’s condition, and no guidance was provided in case the animal’s condition worsened (which it did).

This one irresponsible individual is not representative of most of the remainder of the veterinarians who serve our community (a very compassionate and competent vet was soon located by this writer). Yet, some authorities claim that nationally the profession has fallen under control of the big drugs companies, who, it is asserted, place profit before the welfare of the patients (see big pharma if you wish to read this article). And it is a fact that Veterinarians continue to prescribe drugs that are known to have high incidences of fatal consequences, many if not most times without informing the owners of the risks involved, all in the name of profit (and, hopefully, not ignorance). Rimadyl, a Pfizer drug, for example, is prescribed often for pain, even though it is a well-known killer of thousands of dogs.

One has to also wonder if the high cost of veterinarian services is discouraging some pet owners from seeking help when their pets are in distress. Likewise, one must face the certain result that many pets will die for the same reason.

Your comments regarding the quality of local veterinary care as well as the “health” of the profession as a whole are invited.

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  1. I think that animal lovers here in Vicksburg ought to put our heads together when it comes to our animals care and find vets in Jackson or maybe Clinton who treat dogs and cats in a more holistic approach.

    I agree especially with the website that the writer puts in her mail.

    We could get a group of people willing to take turns for emergencies of others animals and our own so that not one person is doing all the traveling. We need to find just who are the vets over there that practice the more ethical type of vet. medicine.

    I heard there is a good group of woman vets in Madison that someone is at the hospital all the time.

    Say, if I needed to take my dog or dogs to a vet over there, I’d make a call to people who have signed up to fine a good group of vets that do not make a dog get 3 rabies shots every year, the very same shot that is given now after those 3 years in a row.

    I took my a couple of my dogs to Brandon where the doctor did not make my dog get any shots. One day a week, he did half price neutering for people and another day a week the vet down the street did the same.

    Compared to Vicksburg, that was great. But, it’s mighty hard to drive all the way to Brandon.

    If the vets did something like that here, they would get more business. And now after living in 5 states, I have never had to leave a dog after being spayed.
    Now, they say, it’s for the dogs sake. It is obviously for the vet hospitals money sake. If the dog did not get overloaded on being anesthetized. For ther is no one there to check on the dogs through the night as I have always been the first person at the vet in the morning before my dog was spayed and this young woman who could be my kid telling me that the dogs sometimes see elephants and it’s for their on safety. I felt saying look, little girl, I know what is best for my on dogs safety and that mean me being by my dog.

    I am glad the writer approached this subject as Vicksburg has slim pickens of vets that care more about the animals than the dollar!

  2. Legally the only vaccine required by law for your animals to have is rabies. There is aa study being done now on rabies vaccine that is showing that your pet may not need rabies every 3 years but every 7 years.
    I think it would be beneficial for all pet owners to do some research on over vaccinating your dogs and cats. Some vets here require you have vaccine every 6 months or in order for your pet to stay at that clinic for over night or a length of time. It takes some vaccine 10 days to even kick in to do any good. Over vaccinating our pets is making them sick. I do a lot of preventative health care and it does work!!! Another important thing to consider is feed your animals GOOD FOOD, it may cost a little more but so worth the expense. You have to learn something about nutrition in order to make a good healthy selection fo food for your pet. Do not buy a food for dogs that has corn as the first ingredient!!! Dogs are not vegetarians and most dogs are allergic to corn!! Feed no by products!!!! BHA OR BHT which are synthetic preservers.. These preservers have been known to cause cancer in some studies.
    There are foods out there on the market that are just great. organic holistic,, they contain meat fish , vegggis and fruits. Not a lot of grain.
    There are some very good vets in Vicksburg who care and are compassionate.

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