3 robbery suspects jailed – will they serve time?

The three thugs who robbed Highway 80 recycling center employees have been captured and now reside behind bars. Bond has thus far been denied them, yet in incidents of similar nature in the past, the suspects have often been allowed to make bond and remain free until their trial date. Such could still occur in this instance, though at this point it looks unlikely. Key to placing these three in prison for a long period will be an indictment by a grand jury and a vigorous prosecution in court. Once a conviction is obtained (hopefully), it will be up to a judge to pass sentence. Will these three thugs serve time? Or will they be given the all-too-often “suspended sentence” and probation?

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  1. The “key” to any successful prosecution and conviction is the investigation of the crime; not a grand jury indictment or a vigorous prosecution by zealous attorneys. It is the law enforcement agency officer that in the vast majority of criminal cases “makes or breaks” a case because he or she does not collect and preserve (presuming such even exists) the evidence necessary to obtain a conviction by 12 jurors – who are laypersons and members of the community in which they serve as jurors. The prosecutors and the judges do not initiate or conduct the investigations in criminal cases; it is not their responsibility. By the time a criminal case is presented to a grand jury and prosecuted before a trial jury, it is almost always too late to build a better case to prosecute the defendant/criminal. Further, suspended sentences are ONLY given to first offenders, and almost never for violent crimes, like armed robbery, unless there is little chance of convicting the defendant…and a suspended sentence always beats an acquittal if you think someone is guilty but you can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Look first to law enforcement to investigate and prove the guilt of the criminal, not the prosecutors and judges, who must rely upon the facts and evidence presented to them by law enforcement officers. But also remember, that not all crimes may be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by even the best law enforcement officers and their investigative techniques; realize such cases are not the fault of anyone, including the prosecutors and judges. Our justice system is built upon the belief that everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and I am proud to be a part of that justice system for which our forefathers fought to establish and maintain. The three alleged armed robbers are entitled to the benefit of that same belief and doctrine, just like every citizen of the State of Mississippi of these United States of America. No defendants/criminals “get off” in Warren County because of the prosecutors and the judges as inferred above; it is the evidence that sets them free or gives them a lesser sentence.

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