County supervisor elections… have you made up your mind?

With county supervisor primary elections immediately ahead, now is the time to question their plans and goals so that you can vote intelligently. Forums are scheduled July 24 and July 31 (see the Sunday Post for details) during which you may question the candidates on any subject. If you go, what questions will you ask? Why? What are the major issues that face the county during the next four years? Have you made up your mind who you will vote for? If so, share the reasons why you made that decision.


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  1. …and I am afraid of my government so therefore I will remain anonymous.

    Our County Board of Supervisors is staffed with mostly good men who are of good character. While the city has moved forward on massive projects the county stays stuck in the mundane and minimal.
    Not of good character is Mr. Selmon who must have a favor done in order to do his job. I heard the mayor call him out more than once on this very topic. What has Selmon done for the city in the past 6 years other than encourage racial divide and position himself in an Al Sharpton/Jessie Jackson type of role?
    Mr. George is a good man of good character but has no vision of moving things forward and is a territorial dog on some projects. Either it goes the way he wants or nothing gets past his desk. You have had your turn, step aside Mr. George, allow someone with vision to come aboard.
    Mr. McDonald, who is probably the highest quality of individual on the board other than young Flanders, is little more than Mr. Georges’ lap dog. Sorry, but it is the truth. Has he ever voted opposite Mr. George? Does he have the capacity to envision change?
    Mr. Banks is a good man of good character but is losing my confidence with his incessant nomination of Mrs. Barrow for the VCVB. It is plain she is not right for the board and the board is actually getting things done and moving in the right direction since she left. It is politics – you are preaching to the choir on that one so move on, you have made your point but now you are losing credibility.
    Mr. Flanders is probably the finest of gentlemen on the board but he has alienated himself from the others to the point that anything he proposes will immediately and automatically die simply because he proposed it. While it would be easy to ask for the voters to give him someone new to side with him on the board the reality is he caused this problem because of his uninformed approach.
    As an FYI, Mr Smith, the county manager is a great man for the job and when it comes to task accomplishment there are none better. It appears his opinion is the one that leads the board…and that is the way it should be with one major exception. That exception is vision for the future. Why do we have to wait until it is broke to fix it – i.e. the main crane on the harbor!!
    Why hasn’t the county gone full force for turning our port into an International Inspection Station for the Coast Guard? We are perfectly positioned for that distinction and since Katrina both New Orleans and Memphis are overwhelmed. This one thing would create 800 new high paying jobs in our area. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, 800 NEW HIGH PAYING JOBS IN OUR AREA!!! Where is the vision from our Board on that one?
    Based upon the field the only two incumbents, in my opinion who should be considered for reelection are Mr. Banks and Mr. Flanders. They are the two newest and deserve a little more time to move things forward. While Mr. George and Mr. McDonald are good men they appear to lack to vision we need at this time. Mr. Selmon is the stinker in the group.

  2. The previous anonymous comment coincides with my views so completely that my wife thought that I wrote it. Just wish it were not so truth.

    Thank you for such an insightful analysis.

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