Leyens and Beauman and… retaliation?

The Vicksburg Post has an excellent editorial in the Sunday edition wherein they discuss the case of Vicksburg Fire Dept. Capt. James Montgomery, whom the city fathers voted 2-1 (Mayfield:No) to suspend and demote for writing a letter-to-the-editor that criticized the city’s methods for determining pay raises. Montgomery has filed a federal lawsuit which, if he wins, can cost the city (read you and me) plenty. Leyens wants to change the law regarding the free speech rights of civil servants so that such “political activity” is restricted, but precedent in the courts may already indicate otherwise. The Post suggests Leyens and Beauman were arrogant in their action towards Montgomery, and insists any settlement of the case be publicly exposed. Arrogance, retaliation, and irresponsibility. If proven true, our mayor and aldermen need to do some real “soul searching.”

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  1. the editorial revealed a factoid too. It lookslike the mayor and alderman could lose the federal case. But mayor Leyens has no right to play with state law to suit with his needs. I believe the paper is going to some letters questioning Mayor Leyens and Sid Beauman on they run things now.

  2. As much as it pains me I think the Mayor and Alderman are bound by legality to remain quiet during this phase. From the outside looking in they are simply doing what the lawyers advised.

    These are the times it sucks to be an elected official, you get run through the mud and can’t defend yourself.

  3. What about James Montgomery? All he did was write a letter to the editor expressing his discontent over payraises. Why should Leyens have the right to walk all over him? In yesterday’s Sunday Post where some facts were pointed out. Like the taxpayers pay his salery and not the mayor.

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