Another instance of crime in our city

Names withheld by request

Friday night the son and friends of one of our finest local families were robbed at gunpoint. The incident occurred around 11:00PM within one block of Cherry Street when the four friends were retrieving equipment from a building for an outing the next day. Two black males wearing ski masks approached them with guns and threatened to shoot them. They also attempted to take along the lone female in the group when they left, but were persuaded otherwise. At one point a gun was placed to the head of one of the young men and the gunman threatened to shoot him. After making  the victims lie on the floor, the robbers took the wallets, phones, and debit cards of the victims, then left in a white car. Later the criminals attempted to use the debit cards at Bancorp South and at Wal-mart. The police were notified, but nothing has come of their investigation to date.

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  1. I don’t believe this was mentioned in the Vicksburg Post.

  2. It’s been reported that the two thugs were caught on camera both at Bancorp South and at Wal-mart. The police have tentatively identified the thugs, and hope to arrest them soon.

  3. The Post reported this crime on page 2 of yesterday’s paper.

  4. The two thugs have been arrested per yesterday’s edition of the Post. Now let’s see what the legal system does with them. I sure hope it’s not another case of a “suspended sentence” down the line.

  5. Crime is going to occur.

    What we need is a legal system that is focused on removing the violent offenders from society.

    A repeat offender of violent crimes should be sent away for good. Period.

    As an FYI, Chief Tommy Moffett will be on 1490 AM’s “Live at the Klondyke” radio show, Monday morning the 16th from 8 am to 9 am. Feel free to call him with your questions or concerns.

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