Warren Co. property taxes – taxation without notification

The Vicksburg Post recently printed an article that indicated that property taxes in Warren County will likely be rising due to revaluations of property. This will happen “under the radar screen” because state law does not require notification of property owners that their property is being revalued. Many property owners will be in for something of a shock at year end when tax bills are placed in the mail. Increases in the amount of these taxes might be avoided if the county supervisors, school board or the city mayor/aldermen would reduce the millage rates. However, at the clip they are spending money, this probably will not happen. Your comments or recommendations are welcome.


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  1. I believe its time for the tax asssessor to change his ways. Not telling the property owners that thier taxes are going up frankly gives one a perception of shadyness.

  2. Just for info… I decided to check the valuation on my building/residence, and MY GOD I got a shock! They QUARDRUPLED the number from last year. I am not taking this lying down – I have voiced a protest, and I will put up a fight. For anyone reading this, if I were you, I’d head down to the tax assessor’s office first thing Monday morning.

  3. We got the shock last year (had to pay 4X what we had previously paid)……………..Needless to say, my husband went down last week to check for this year. He was told it SHOULD only be about $5 more than last year, but the millage had not been set yet….SHOULD being the operative word here!!!! I think the tax assessor should be required to send notification of increases so that the taxpayer can file a protest of he chooses.

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