Express yourself, Vicksburg

“Vicksburg Speaks” has been online for only a few weeks, yet as of this Independence Day it’s been viewed over 2,000 times by the citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County (and that includes our city’s leaders). The number of viewers continues to grow – exponentially. More than ever, people need ways to make their views and concerns known, and when they do, our elected officials pay attention. The internet has become a powerful tool that permits forums such as this one to get the peoples’ message out. Exercise your right to free speech: Express yourself, Vicksburg.

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  1. I am not surprised with comments about the city’s lack of participation in Babe Ruth baseball. I am surprised some city official did not say “budget restraints”. Oh, Vicksburg, what can I say. One word I hear a lot when these things come to light, VICKSBURG…chw

  2. I just checked gas prices in our area. These are the lowest prices in all areas for Tuesday, May 27th. Just checking to see how much we are being gouged at this point. You will see Vicksburg is running substanually higher, as usual. Send it to your friends.

    Vicksburg $3.91
    Tallulah 3.79
    Monroe 3.69
    Memphis 3.69
    Clinton 3.74
    Hattiesburg 3.65
    Pearl 3.66
    Forest 3.73

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