Downtown Vicksburg – Is it at a critical juncture?

Recent events in the several blocks of downtown where residences, shops, restaurants and bars coexist have upset at least some of the residents and business owners there. The discontent stems from instances of real and attempted violent crimes, a preponderance of panhandlers who annoy residents and frighten visitors, and sleep-jarring conversation-killing noise – vehicles with loud stereos or without exhaust mufflers, and patrons of bars whose late-night partying ends with raucous bickering on Washington Street until 3 or 4 AM. The VPD has apparently been of little support, and Chief of Police Tommy Moffett has indicated he is more or less powerless to change things (see interview with Moffett under heading “Downtown crime – Is it on the rise?”). It appears that the mayor and aldermen must take action if they wish to avoid a setback to their plans to attract more residents and commercial ventures to downtown. Share your opinions or experiences, outline how you would advise the mayor and aldermen to proceed, or indicate whether the aforementioned conditions will influence your decision to live, work, or invest downtown by clicking on the “comments” link below.

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  1. The mayor and aldermen will be forced to take action, even if it requires passing additional ordinances. If they don’t, the words of one resident I talked to will be repeated by others: “I’m moving.”

    Unfortunately, Vicksburg isn’t facing this kind of problem alone – it’s happening all across the country. I blame primarily the federal government, with state governments close seconds. We the people have got to start electing leaders who believe in CONSTITUTIONAL government. Personally, I’ll find it hard to vote for anyone who labels him/herself a Democrat or a Republican – the members of either party are the same – greedy, power-hungry demagogues who put loyalty to their party (and their donors)before loyalty to the constitution and the people. It’s time for the country to elect independent leaders who owe nothing to anyone or anything, but who instead use their offices only to assure a bright future for the citizens of this country.

  2. My daughter’s best friend & her boyfriend came out of Walmart & went to their car recently to be hounded by a black male who kept beating on their windshield trying to get in. They drove off. Another time, this same friend, without her boyfriend, faced the same black male in the Walmart parking lot & she made it to her car but he kept trying to open her door. She quickly drove off scared to death. I, myself, was in the Kroger parking lot last week loading my groceries when a black male asked me for 3 quarters. I told him I had none. Then, as I watched, he went from car to car. Vicksburg is full of crime, for sure.

  3. Another place is the deteroting Pemberton Mall. And they talk of trying of getting new business here? well the mall too has been an area of crime. And those crimes led to cbl closing over ten stores alone. Now with the cinema gone I expect the mall to have more crime and I can tell u from what I overheard some of the clerks CBL contract security isn’t doing a hot job either.

  4. Crime is going to occur.

    What we need is a legal system that is focused on removing the violent offenders from society.

    A repeat offender of violent crimes should be sent away for good. Period.

    As an FYI, Chief Tommy Moffett will be on 1490 AM’s “Live at the Klondyke” radio show, Monday morning the 16th from 8 am to 9 am. Feel free to call him with your questions or concerns.

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