Real estate – bust or boom in Warren County?

Real estate values in most states of the USA have suffered a decline in recent months. Some local realtors claim that Vicksburg and Warren County never fully participated in the boom that preceded the present decline, so property values locally will not be so affected. There are many “For Sale” signs on local properties, though a significant number have been recently sold, and new construction continues. What’s the future for real estate in Vicksburg and Warren County?

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  1. Real estate in this region is so ridiculously lower in price to any national market comparison that we cannot even use those measures.

  2. Some of you should face the hard facts. This port is in real estate bubble. Not being participant I don’t follow that for a minute. Just look at the prices in the Real Estate section of the Sunday Post. Real Estate prices here are higher than the median income. Second the Jackson Metro market, I.E. the Madison, Ridgeland have buck the trend of the bubble. Another fact that homes aren’t being sold here is the fact for commuters there aren’t any commuters. And why not ask Mayor Leyens about him buying up real estate around town eh?
    The real estate bubble is real and that’s the economic realities.

  3. I agree that realestate prices are higher than they should be in Vicksburg. We live in a middle of the road county in the poorest state in the country, yet you get more for your money in Houston TX, one of the largest cities in the country. There are many other areas that are just like that.

    As far as the Mayor buying up “real estate”, nothing wrong with that, nor illegal. He can buy and sell as much as he wants. And its a VERY GOOD THING for Vicksburg, as he rehabs property to a higher standard than anyone else in town.

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