Convention Center Chaos?

From one crisis to another, the Vicksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau (if that remains the proper name) has experienced a year of turmoil. The latest upheavals include the announcement by Board Chairwoman Nelda Sampey of the  hiring of a new director, Bill Seratt, and the severing of ties with Compass Facility Management and Larry Gawronski. Many consider Gawronski one of the key driving forces behind the progress that has been made in this arena. Seratt, however, is reputedly an experienced and capable manager. As he sets goals for the future, what suggestions would you give him?

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  1. I am thrilled to know that the city of Vicksburg has realized that there is a huge difference in having a property management company (Compass)running our Convention and Visitors Bureau. Hopefully Bill will recognize the tremendous opportunity that awaits him and hopefully the “oldtimers” will realized that its time for change. Although I have only been here a short time, I learned quickly that a select number of the “established” families prefer to keep the city as it is and prevent a higher quality of live. Fortunately they can’t live forever and the younger citizens will eventually win out and we will have a much better quality of live.

  2. Marc, Vicksburg may be like my granddaddy used to say about my hometown, What the city needed was about 12 first class funeral then the town could grow. Before he died, he changed his mind, and said since the kids had taken over we needed about 36 first class funerals.
    Also, Compass manages the Convention Center and not the
    Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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